MoneyTap can finally analyze their recruiting process with Jobsoid

Jobsoid posts our jobs on various job portals making candidate inflow convenient. It’s like we have a sourcing team at our disposal.
Lalita Kashyap
Lalita Kashyap
HR Manager
Tracking candidate applications in Google Docs and Excel Sheets was extremely difficult. We had to manually monitor hiring stats. Our email inboxes were always spammed with hiring updates.
We can now manage and monitor our hiring process effectively. Our candidates also find it really easy to apply for our job openings.

We at MoneyTap, aim to make our product the best online option for all borrowing needs. Our highly motivated team is driven by the goal of providing affordable and flexible app-based credit lines. We are looking forward to augmenting our team to deliver the best.

Our Tedious Recruiting Process

Recruitment before Jobsoid was a manual process for MoneyTap. We used excel sheets and Google Docs for candidate information and resumes. The process was not just cumbersome but also a time-consuming one. We had difficulty in tracking the status of the applicants. Our email inboxes were always flooded with numerous hiring update mailers. We had to monitor everything manually. We badly needed software to streamline the process of hiring and employee engagement.

Choosing the best Recruitment Software

We were looking for online software that would be user-friendly and easily accessible. At the same time, we were looking for a solution that wouldn’t burn a hole in our pockets. Upon research, we realized that Jobsoid had everything that we wanted. We decided to sign up with Jobsoid. Since Jobsoid is a web app, we can log into it from any location. It is, indeed, user-friendly. With Jobsoid, we can analyze the recruitment process effectively.

Jobsoid is connected with over 15+ job portals. We can now post your jobs on all these portals in just one click. In addition to this, we have linked our LinkedIn and Facebook accounts with Jobsoid and are also recruiting from social media. As all the candidate applications are received in the app, we do not have to switch between multiple platforms to view the candidates. Jobsoid has made candidate inflow very convenient for us.

Getting started with Jobsoid was extremely easy. Our Co-Founders and the recruitment team took up a demo of Jobsoid, and within a few hours, we had started using the system. Jobsoid Support solves all our queries and connects us through to the right people. Their Business Development team is always available to help.

Jobsoid has become part and parcel of our hiring process now. We have never imagined our lives without Jobsoid.

Advertise on multiple platforms
Advertise on multiple platforms

Reach out to a large number of candidates and attract the best talent.

Easy tracking of candidates
Easy tracking of candidates

Keep a track on your candidates as they move across different stages of recruitment.

Customizable Application form
Customizable Application Form

Design your application form according to the job requirements and capture the relevant information.

No hiring updates in email inbox
No Hiring Updates in Email Inbox

Receive all candidate applications in Jobsoid and keep your email inbox free from hiring-related updates.

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