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How Jobsoid helps you create a great candidate experience?

Kelly Barcelos on April 17, 2021 in Applicant Tracking System

Candidate experience plays a major role in the candidates’ decision of accepting or rejecting a job offer. In simple terms, candidate experience is how your candidates feel and perceive your company. The manner in which you treat your candidates during the entire hiring process plays a major role in determining your candidate experience.

Candidate experience has the power to win or lose the best talent. It helps you maintain a good reputation in the eyes of your candidates and promotes better interactions. As a result, your candidates feel valued and respected. They would no longer hesitate to ask you queries regarding the job roles or your hiring process.

Now, let us learn how Jobsoid helps you create a great candidate experience.

  1. Branded Careers Portal

    Employer branding helps you attract talent to your company. To make your candidates aware of your company, you need to let your candidates know what you offer, how the work environment is, and how your team is. In other words, your candidates ought to know what is in it for them.

    Jobsoid offers a mini-portal exclusively for portraying your talent brand. You can list your job openings, post interesting videos and image galleries of your office events, speak about your goals and mission, and much more. You can also add multiple pages to this mini website to showcase your company portfolio. This mobile-friendly website will surely catch your candidates’ attention and spark an interest about your company in their minds.

    Branded Careers Portal

  2. Free Engaging Job Descriptions

    Job descriptions are the next step to create a great candidate experience. The job descriptions that you write for your roles should be clear, concise, and engaging. It should list down all the duties and responsibilities as well as job requirements in a simple, comprehensive language.

    Jobsoid has a rich library of approximately 800 job description templates belonging to various industries. Being written by expert HR Professionals from various industries, these job descriptions contain everything required for an engaging job description. Each job description has roles and responsibilities listed in a way to attract talented professionals. You can use these job descriptions as they are or customize them to fit your job requirements.

    Choose from 500+ job description templates

  3. Customizable Job Application Forms

    The third step in creating a great candidate experience is using easy-to-fill, short job application forms. Candidates usually find lengthy job application forms to be boring. They might end up not submitting a complete application. Hence, it is always a good idea to keep your forms short.

    Jobsoid offers you the best way to design your job application forms in a few easy steps. You just need to enable the fields you wish to display in Settings and Jobsoid will automatically compose the form for you. No drag and drop of fields or custom creation required.

    In addition to this, Jobsoid allows you to add job-specific questionnaires to your job openings. You can customize these questionnaires to show or hide the questions based on your candidates’ responses. Thus, decreasing the length of the questionnaire altogether.

    Customizable Application Form

  4. Regular Recruitment Updates

    Keeping your candidates updated about their recruitment status is the next step to create a great candidate experience. You should notify your candidates about their recruitment status on a timely basis. This instills a sense of respect in the minds of your candidates.

    You can configure your hiring workflow in Jobsoid to send out acknowledgment emails to your candidates automatically. Furthermore, you can also send status change emails, rejection emails, and many other kinds of emails to your candidates without any manual effort. Regular recruitment updates ensure your candidates are informed and thus, keeps them away from job-related frustration.

    Sending recruitment status email to candidates

  5. Seamless Candidate Communication

    Seamless communication is also an important part of any recruitment process. Whether it is sending an email asking for additional information or sending a text message as an interview reminder, communication is the key. Similarly, just as your hiring team has questions for candidates, your candidates could also have some questions for your team.

    With Jobsoid’s built-in communication center, you can communicate with your candidates directly from within your ATS. You no longer have to rely on your email inbox or phone to contact your candidates. You can also schedule your messages to be delivered at a later date and time. With Jobsoid, you are always available for your candidates whenever they wish to contact you.

    Seamless Candidate Communication

These were some of our tried and tested methods for creating a great candidate experience.

Recruitment is a complex process. With this process going all candidate-centric, you should take extra efforts to ensure that you are delivering a great candidate experience. It begins right with a job search goes along the application and interview process and ends up with making a successful hire.

Candidate experience is a must for every organization in recent times. Furthermore, you can also ask your candidates to share constructive feedback about your recruitment process. In this way, you will be able to identify the pain points of candidates and optimize your recruitment process accordingly.

Get started with creating a great candidate experience by registering for your free Jobsoid account. Hire better, faster with Jobsoid!

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