Diversity Recruiting Why This Recruitment Strategy is the Best

Diversity Recruiting: Why This Recruitment Strategy is the Best

Kelly Barcelos on June 21, 2019 in Recruitment Strategy

It’s high time that our workplaces have a more diverse set of employees working in them.

Having a diverse set of employees in your company means that you are bringing together people with different pools of talent, life experiences, and educational qualifications to come together and work for you. Diverse companies are hence more innovative and grow faster.

Having recruitment diversity is one of the recruitment strategies that has many benefits. Here are a few of them:

1. More Talent, More Skill, and a More Diverse Set of Experiences

Having more diversity in the workplace means you are getting together people with different backgrounds in an office. Each person will bring with them their own set of talents, skill-set, and experiences.

Having employees with a diverse set of skills also means that employees can learn from each other and expand their pool of knowledge.

2. Diversity in the Workplace Creates Innovation

When there is diversity in the office, many creative concepts can be born.

When people with different educational qualifications and working styles get together, they can discuss ideas and come up with creative solutions to problems. Each employee can play to their strengths and work together as a team.

3. Can Help Expand the Company

Having employees who speak a particular language and have a different cultural background can open the doors to the company expanding their business in a specific area which might have been previously inaccessible.

4. Attracts a Better Talent Pool

If your organization is considered as one that embraces diversity, it will attract a bigger talent pool when you have put up the next job vacancy.

If your company has a reputation for being inclusive, it will help build brand value. Having happier, more satisfied employees’ means that there is less employee attrition, and more people will want to work in your company.

5. You Will Get a Better Understanding of Your Customer

Companies with a diverse set of employees have happier customers since it means that the company has an idea of a broader range of target audience from different walks of life, similar to the people in their diverse workforce.

There are many benefits of having a diverse recruitment policy, but diversity in your workforce might be a difficult task to achieve because of unconscious bias.

Sometimes recruitment managers might hire a certain kind of employee without being aware of how some information about a potential employee influences their hiring decisions.

To combat this, you should make sure your talent acquisition team is diverse in terms of age, gender, race, demographic, and educational qualifications.

When you have a team with many different perspectives, you will be able to make sure there is no unconscious bias when attracting the right candidate for the job.

Here are a few steps you should keep in mind when creating and implementing diversity recruitment strategies:

6. Do a Blind Resume Screening

Remove all personal information from a candidate’s resume like name, photo, gender, race, demographic, or educational details.

A blind resume screening ensures that candidates are assessed based on their skills; and not on a personal unconscious bias based on the recruiter’s personal preferences.

You can use an AI that helps you with the blind resume screening process.

7.Put a Spotlight on Skills

It is essential to consider a candidate’s prior work history to determine if they are qualified for a job.

But the skill level of the candidate should be the trump card to getting hired for the job. It’s important to ask questions related to the aptitude required for the job, rather than put emphasis on prior work history.

These levels the playing ground for everyone since sometimes a candidate of a different ethnic background might have missed the right work opportunity just because of it not being easily accessible to them.

8. Don’t Use the ‘Beer Test’

Would you want to grab a beer with the potential candidate after work?

Does that person seem amiable enough?

These are some questions that you definitely shouldn’t take into consideration when hiring a potential candidate. Whether you find the candidate friendly enough doesn’t shed light on their professional qualifications or the diligence with which they do their job. Instead, this will just lead to hiring a person that might fit in well with the people in the office, but it will create a homogeneous crowd.

It is imperative to break down the traditional ways of thinking when you are trying to create diversity in the workplace.

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