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Driving Diversity in Workplace Made Easy with an ATS

Kelly Barcelos on August 4, 2017 in Applicant Tracking System

Research has confirmed that companies with employees of different ethnicity, age, gender, race, culture, clan, and economic status generate higher revenues and are twice as likely to be successful as they have a greater variety to offer in terms of services and solutions.

There are many benefits of workplace diversity including improved adaptability, a diversified collection of knowledge, skills, and experience, a variety of viewpoints, enhanced creativity, and greater innovation.

But unconscious bias, preconceived notions, and assumptions often get in the way of hiring a truly diverse workforce. Using feature-rich recruiting software can help hiring managers bring a diverse team onboard.

If you want to diversify your sourcing process and be more inclusive, these 5 tips will help you move the needle more efficiently:

  1. Drafting Job Descriptions that Appeal to All

    The biggest bottleneck when it comes to advertising openings is job descriptions that may be driving away interested candidates. For instance, research has confirmed that many job postings have a masculine tone that tends to turn off female candidates.

    Using recruiting software that lets you de-bias your JDs by identifying and eliminating exclusionary words like aggressive and challenging, will make it easy to draft JDs that appeal to everyone so that you can cast a wider net and increase the conversion rate.

  2. Collecting Candidate Demographics to Bridge the Gap

    An ATS is designed to screen candidate demographics while ensuring compliance to your local laws and regulations.

    For example, if the recruitment policies and procedures of your company need to adhere to the regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, an applicant tracking system can help you segregate candidate profiles regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, and age to help you build a diversified talent pipeline.

  3. Using an ATS to Eliminate Bias When Screening Candidates

    When screening hundreds of resumes for different departments, your personal bias is always at play. Make this mind-numbing task quick, easy, and efficient with an ATS that can filter resumes to fit your criteria while reducing your unconscious bias that adversely affects your hiring decisions.

    With an automated system, it becomes easy to ignore demographic factors like age, gender, and cast that are typically shown to affect hiring decisions.

  4. Showcasing Workplace Diversity Through Videos and Images

    When considering a job offer, more than 70% of job seekers believe that workplace diversity is an important factor. Workplace diversity attracts employees of every age and gender and this fact can be effectively used to your advantage.

    Use your careers site to demonstrate the diversity of your current employees through engaging videos and images. Showcase a culture where collaboration is valued, employees at all levels are involved in decision making, and work is fun so you can achieve the diversity you desire at your workplace.

  5. Undertaking Inclusion Training to Enforce Diversity in Hiring Decisions

    Just the way you cannot manage what you don’t measure; you cannot fix what you can’t see. You may have the best intentions for your organization when building the talent pipeline, but unknowingly your personal bias and prejudice is keeping you from increasing the diversity of your talent pool.

    Luckily, recruiting software employs a data-driven approach to increase diversity in recruiting practices.

Bringing about a change that is sustainable requires a shift in the traditional HR ecosystem and technology can help you bring about this shift seamlessly. Switch to an ATS today and draw job seekers from different backgrounds and life experiences.

Jobsoid gives recruiters a complete picture of the recruitment cycle from application to offer, making it much easier to enforce diversity in hiring decisions. Sign up for a free account now and strip out the stereotypes and biases from your recruiting workflow and thereby from your workforce.

Kelly Barcelos

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