Top 5 Best Employer Branding Examples

Top 5 Examples of Outstanding Employer Branding 2022

Kelly Barcelos on February 11, 2020 in Employer Brand

Employer branding is the company’s reputation in the eyes of its potential candidates and existing employees. It’s an outstanding medium that helps employers attract the best talent and retain the existing ones.

Companies today are doing their best to implement the right employer branding strategies to hire qualified candidates. According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, around 84% of the potential candidates analyze a company’s reputation online and then decide whether they would send in their application or not. You can leverage social platforms like the Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Instagram account, Youtube channel to share your brand story.

Why is Employer Branding important?

With the recruitment market going all candidate-driven, 86% of hiring managers have agreed to the fact that recruiting candidates have started to resemble marketing in recent years. Therefore, promoting your company to all potential candidates out there thus becomes the need of the hour.

Every company out there today is doing its best to implement the best employer branding strategies to ensure they find the top talent. You must understand that building a great employer brand is not something that happens overnight, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to it.

Employer branding helps you give a crisp and clear message about your company to your potential candidates. It develops a better company reputation in the minds of your candidates as well as your existing employees. It aids you to highlight the advantages of working in your organization by putting out the right message to the job seekers.

Talent acquisition is one of the most important reasons for building an excellent employer brand. Secondly, the right employer branding strategies help you in simplifying your hiring process and engage your potential employees with your talent brand.

We analyzed a few websites for their employer branding efforts. You can derive inspiration from their employer branding strategies to design your employer branding solutions.

Best Employer Branding Examples You Ought to Follow

Here are the top five employer branding examples that you ought to take inspiration for your employer branding campaigns.

#1. Canva

Canva is one of the five companies whose employer branding examples you should follow right away. It has significantly changed the dynamics of graphic design.

Founded in the year 2012, Canva is a tool that helps non-designers, as well as professional designers, build outstanding designs. It is currently being used by over 11 million users across 190 countries of the world. It is changing the way people design.

Canva’s career page is as lively as its graphics designing tool. The moment you land on their careers page, vibrant videos about life at Canva start playing. The page catches your attention in the first few seconds itself. Next, they swiftly introduce their different teams to the prospective candidates. They go the extra mile detailing how their internal teams work. Thus, giving a gist of how the work environment and the company culture is.

In addition to this, the careers page has a gallery of pictures depicting the life of the team. They validate these pictures with a section focusing on why candidates should join their company. This page talks about their company culture, the company growth, the charity institutions they have collaborated with, and much more. Sharing employee stories is one of the most effective ways to get your potential candidates engaged with your talent brand.

And lastly, they have a dedicated section on the careers page for jobs. They also have a blog section dedicated to jobs and careers, which is informative. Tips about acing a role, preparing for a job interview, increasing work productivity are some of the examples.

How Canva does their employer branding.

Through this career page, they take you on a company tour with the help of pictures and videos. They keep you engaged in their company and make you experience what it would be to work for them.

Canva was voted as one of Australia’s greatest workplaces in 2019 for the third time.

#2. Hotjar

The second company whose employer branding strategies you can follow is Hotjar.

Hotjar helps you monitor your user’s behavior and experiences on your website. Thus, helping you gain insights into your user experience. Headquartered in the picturesque island of Malta, Hotjar is an ambitious startup and offers full remote work opportunities for their candidates.

The careers page of their website gives you a quick peek into their company culture and beliefs. They speak about their work culture and the perks they offer to their candidates. In addition to this, they have showcased image galleries and videos of their outings.

Along with showcasing the open job vacancies, Hotjar goes a step further by their recruitment process transparent for their prospective candidates. They have demonstrated the same in the form of a process flow diagram on their careers page.

Lastly, Hotjar shares an animated introductory video of the company’s product so that the potential job seekers know what the company does. They also display their Glassdoor score to tell the candidates that they are a trusted company.

Hotjar - Example of Best Employer Branding

#3. Netflix

Netflix is the third company in this list whose employer branding examples you can follow right away.

It is an online streaming platform that allows you to watch any number of TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc. on a subscription basis. Their team has an excellent knowledge of employer branding. It’s visible from their website careers page and social media pages. The efforts that they have put in their employer branding strategies are worth praising.

The website career page will tell you how much the company values its employees. Their rich company culture and lively working environment will leave you in awe.

Employee happiness has an important place in its core philosophy. Their vacation policy and parental leave policy have become a topic of discussion in most organizations.

Employer Branding Example #3 - Netflix

Netflix also has a blog dedicated to its existing employees. They speak about their experience working at Netflix, how the company helps them become a better individual and a lot more. There are a few college drop-outs that are doing exceptionally well at Netflix. They value talent over educational qualifications.

Netflix has indeed proved that they are ‘people over process’ company.

#4. HubSpot

The next company whose employer branding strategies you can follow is HubSpot.

HubSpot has been slaying their employer branding strategies. The company makes outstanding efforts at maintaining and promoting their employer brand.

HubSpot is an online platform designed to simplify sales and marketing efforts for startups and businesses. They provide a host of tools for search engine optimization, content management, and social media marketing.

Through their careers page, HubSpot gives a quick peek into what it is like to work for them. In short, it portrays the life of HubSpotters to their potential hires. They speak about their company culture and share their Culture Code so that prospective candidates could have a look. In addition to this, they speak about their various office locations giving details about the offices and the team.

HubSpot is very transparent about their recruiting process. Right from giving details about how they hire candidates to interview tips, HubSpot takes up the role of the candidate’s guide. They have shared the details about various stages of their recruitment process as well. They have also shared some interview tips in the blog as well as video format to help candidates prepare for the same.

Employer Branding Examples #4 - Hubspot

HubSpot has been rated with 4.8 stars on Glassdoor by their existing as well as old employees. 97% of their Employees recommend HubSpot. HubSpot has been voted as Best Place to Work by its employees on so many platforms.

#5. Spotify

The last but not the least companies whose employer branding examples you ought to follow is Spotify.

Spotify is a music streaming platform having millions of songs and podcasts from music artists and speakers across the globe. With Spotify, you can discover the right kind of music and stream it on your phone or your computer.

Spotify has gone a step further to make their employer brand more engaging and desirable. Their careers page shows a mix of their company culture, their values, and their overall talent brand. Right from organizing the open jobs according to the respective departments to their various office locations, Spotify makes their careers page so exciting.

They have followed a novel approach for speaking about the life of #spotifypeople. The page is rightly named ‘Backstage’ according to the industry they belong to. This page gives you an insight into the lives of employees at Spotify. It speaks about their company culture and the work environment.

In addition to this, it showcases blogs written by their team about various topics. Spotify also shared their company mantra on this page, giving the prospective candidates a gist about the team and how it works.

Lastly, Spotify introduces its extraordinary team to you along with the perks they offer for the Spotify family. Indeed, Spotify is doing amazingly well at strengthening their employer branding.

How Spotify does their Employer Branding

Employer branding has been slowly gaining its importance in the recruitment world. You can build your employer brand by taking inspiration from the companies, as mentioned above, and following their employer branding tactics.

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