Expand your Talent Pool with an ATS

Kelly Barcelos on October 13, 2017 in Applicant Tracking System

How many times have you received a talent acquisition request with a set of skills that sounded practically impossible to find in one candidate?

Do you often come across 4 page long profiles that seem to be a perfect fit but utterly fail when they actually come to the interview table?

On several occasions, finding the right talent with the skills that efficiently meet business needs may evoke the desire of having a magic wand that is able to simply conjure these ideal candidates up!

If these problems sound familiar to you, there is one really good tool to help you search, screen, sort and source the right candidates much faster – all on one unified, easy-to-access platform.

An applicant tracking software streamlines every bit of the sourcing process while making it much easier for you to tap hard-to-find talent for filling vacancies. Given the increasing competition in the talent landscape, it is more important than ever for recruiters to expand their talent pool and reduce the risk in hiring decisions.

How an ATS Works to Expand Your Talent Pool?

An ATS helps recruiters avoid the huge cost associated with a bad hire by expanding the candidate reach on top job boards and popular social platforms for improved hiring success. With an ATS, it becomes quick and easy to find the desired talent even with skill shortage because it brings you the advantage of automated job posting, genuine candidate engagement, smart search, integrated social media recruiting, centralized communication, collaborative recruitment and intelligent reporting. Designed to overcome the problem of talent crunch, an applicant tracking system keeps you less busy and lets you be more efficient by automating every manual, tedious, and time-consuming task that takes away hours from your recruitment routine. Deploying an ATS is the easiest way to make your recruitment process quick and cost-effective.

How Does an ATS Help You Save Time & Cut Costs?

Here are 5 reasons having an ATS helps you save time and cut costs:

  1. Branded Careers Site

    Incorporating a visually appealing careers site that integrates social sharing and makes it easy for prospective candidate to know your company culture helps you drive more talent to the site. An ATS lets you customize your careers site for a professional feel and combines it with an easy application system to ensure your company stays top of mind.

  2. Reporting

    With an ATS, recruiters can pull reports that track every single candidate entering the sourcing funnel based on their source of application, skills, location and more; so that you know where to focus your efforts and invest your time for maximum results.

  3. Bulk Emails

    As you build your talent pool it becomes more and more difficult to keep candidates engaged and updated at every step of the sourcing funnel. An ATS allows recruiters to customize templates for every step of the recruitment process and sends bulk emails with a single click, ensuring a positive candidate experience every single time.

  4. Tagging

    Imagine your sourcing efforts are working successfully and you have managed to build a massive database – Great! But are you able to make any sense out of your vast bank?

    An applicant tracking system lets you categorize every candidate based their location, qualifications, experience, skills, sector and more.

  5. Smart Filter Intelligence

    This feature of an ATS helps recruiters save their productive time and effort that is otherwise wasted on manually sifting through candidate profiles and sorting the right candidates, by pulling out your desired profiles in seconds.

An applicant tracking system streamlines the talent management process by collating candidate data, converting resumes into one standard format, filtering relevant profiles automatically, sending bulk emails to candidates as they proceed through the sourcing funnel, tracking recruitment performance, and generating accurate reports in real-time.

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