Facebook Careers Tab

Publish all your job openings automatically on your Company Facebook page. Let your jobs reach out to your Facebook followers.

facebook careers tab

With this feature, you can automatically publish all your openings to the company’s Facebook page. This feature will keep a constant check on your current openings and publish every new job post on the Facebook page. These openings can also be shared by job seekers to generate more referrals in a short span of time. All you need to do is create a separate Careers Tab on your Facebook page and integrate it with your website’s career page to publish all your job listings in one place. Socialize job feed using Facebook and find ideal candidates faster!

Why Post Your Jobs on Facebook, in Particular?

  • It allows your job-seekers to apply directly from the careers tab without having to visit your website
  • Job seekers can also share the listing with their friends to generate referrals
  • With more than 1 billion active users, Facebook is a perfect platform to search potential candidates, build connections, and share jobs

This feature will expand your reach overnight and significantly increase your closing rate to help you fill vacancies much faster in a timely and efficient manner