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Free Job Description Builder for Hiring Teams

Bhavit Naik on March 9, 2020 in Product Updates

Jobsoid has always focused on simplifying recruitment processes for busy hiring teams. Whether it is a new feature or an upgrade of the existing features, the development roadmap for Jobsoid is always filled with incredible features and functionalities. Last year, we released an online library of job description templates to help hiring managers and recruiters write that perfect job description with ease. This online library houses around 500+ job description templates covering all the major roles across all industry verticals.

Next, we took a step further and developed a Free Job Description Builder for hiring teams. With this free job description builder, you and your team of hiring managers will now be able to draft engaging job descriptions with minimal efforts. You can choose the desired job description template from the library of over 500+ job descriptions. Furthermore, you can customize it according to your job requirements and post it on various platforms with ease.

This online job description library has been written and compiled by HR Professionals from all the industries. Every job description from this library, no matter what industry, is clear and concise. It covers all the points required to attract the top talent for your jobs.

Jobsoid Free Job Description Builder

We developed this free job description builder for hiring managers. With the help of this tool, your hiring team will now be able to focus their time and efforts on more fundamental recruitment tasks like shortlisting the right candidates or scheduling an interview.

With the help of this job description builder, you can craft an engaging job description in less than a minute. You can choose an existing job description template and customize it according to your needs. In addition to this, you can also choose points from multiple job descriptions and craft your job description. Furthermore, you can also download this customized job description in a PDF format to save it for your records.

Writing a good job description often turns out to be a major hurdle for hiring managers. We released the job description builder and a free online library of job description templates to help you write that perfect job description in very little time.

Hire Better, Faster with Jobsoid

Jobsoid is currently integrated with over 20+ job boards and social media networks. You can post your jobs across these popular job boards and social channels in just a few clicks with Jobsoid.

In addition to this, Jobsoid offers a host of other features like tools for candidate sourcing, candidate management, interview scheduling, etc. You can also schedule video interviews and eliminate the need for phone screens or preliminary rounds of onsite interviews. You can source potential candidates as leads and engage them in your recruitment process with the help of recruitment marketing campaigns.  Jobsoid also makes your recruitment process go mobile with the help of Jobsoid Recruiter Mobile Apps.

To sum up, Jobsoid offers you everything that you will ever need to optimize your hiring processes. You can sign up for a Free Jobsoid account and streamline your recruitment process today!

Hire better, faster with Jobsoid!



Bhavit Naik

Bhavit Naik is the Co-Founder & CEO at Jobsoid Inc. Being a serial entrepreneur with ventures across industries including IT, Hospitality, Real-estate, and Construction, Bhavit knew what exactly was needed to simplify the mundane hiring processes. He built Jobsoid to eliminate the hassles of tedious recruiting process and help businesses hire better, faster.