Writing Magnetic Job Descriptions

How to write Magnetic Job Descriptions

Kelly Barcelos on August 10, 2018 in Recruitment Strategy

A job description with a standard job title and a long list of duties and responsibilities is not just downright boring but also ineffective.

Imagine an online matrimony site that says, “If you are good looking, have an attractive package and an EMI-free home along with a luxury car. Please get in touch”. This is exactly how most job descriptions are actually drafted. If you think about it, no organization wants to hire a generic person. Every employer is looking for a talented professional. But for this, it is important that your job description connects and communicates with your potential employees in a manner that motivates them to apply.

While this definitely takes effort, it is totally worth it when you find the right fit for a job. The right person will not only be productive from day 1 but also contribute to business success and grow to a higher position over time.

A standard job description template will only attract generic applicants and so, the importance of writing a job description that appeals to stand-out candidates just cannot be understated. So, invest some time and devote some serious thought to the skills set and the personality traits you are looking for.

What Actually Appeals to those Stand-out Candidates

When people are looking for a change, they are actually looking for better prospects. So, if you want them to leave their current role, you need to allure them with a solid employer brand, a job profile that offers growth opportunities, a great work environment, a brilliant mentor who they will work with, and most importantly a job they will love!

Your job description is a great marketing tool that brings you the opportunity to succinctly influence your potential employee and turn his contemplation into a choice. So make every line count and leave a lasting impact that compels your potential candidates to apply.

Answer these Questions before You Begin

  • What do you want in your potential candidate in terms of knowledge, skills and experience?
  • How will you quantify success to reward and recognize top performers?
  • Why would your right fit want to take up your job?
  • What are the key responsibilities of the job?

Answering these questions when you are writing a job description will surely help you attract your ideal candidate. If your job description is authentic to your company and your culture, and reflects a work environment where employees love to work extra hours even over weekends, sell it in your job description by stating, “you will love this job because……”

Top industry talent is actually looking for this because!

How to Customize a Job Description That Attracts

Your job description is the first point of contact for your potential candidates and so, it should not only educate your prospective candidates about your brand but also excite them about the opportunity.

10 tips to help you draft a magnetic job description

  1. Choose a job title that is creative yet simple and clear

  2. Create an attention-grabbing Introduction

  3. Make sure the job description is easy to scan

  4. Project your brand’s personality in your tone and messaging

  5. Sell your job

  6. Highlight your culture

  7. Communicate the benefits

  8. Go mobile-friendly for maximum exposure

  9. Keep it conversational

  10. End with an Impactful CTA

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