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GetApp Rewards Jobsoid with Category Leaders Recognition

Bhavit Naik on July 22, 2020 in Applicant Tracking System

Jobsoid receives Category Leaders Recognition in Video Interview Software by GetApp. GetApp is a software apps listing platform which helps business professionals to find the software that meets their requirements.

Your favorite recruitment software, Jobsoid has received yet another recognition award. GetApp has rewarded Jobsoid as a Category Leader in Video Interview Software.

GetApp Recognition Awards

Every year, GetApp divides the apps that help businesses to streamline their operations into various categories and ranks them. Their main goal behind this ranking is to help businesses choose the best software for their various needs, be it recruiting or sales or some other process. They rate these apps based on five factors which includes

  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Value for money
  • Likelihood to recommend
  • Customer support

Each factor is rated to a maximum of 20 points. Thus, the total maximum score comes to 100 points.

The GetApp Team evaluates hundreds of apps belonging to various categories before announcing the list of the best ones.

We feel elated to announce that Jobsoid received an amazing score of 83 points. You can read more about this recognition in this article on GetApp.

Award Badge - Jobsoid receives Category Leaders Recognition in Video Interview Software by GetApp.

Jobsoid – The Best Video Interviewing App

Jobsoid Video enables hiring teams to conduct offline video interviews for your job openings with ease. This offline on-demand video interviewing solution can speed up your candidate screening and interviewing process. And thus help you make better hires in a lesser amount of time.

With Jobsoid Video Interviews, you can screen multiple candidates at a time. You no longer have to put your team or your candidates at risk in these uncertain times of pandemic. The candidates can take up your video interview in the safety of their homes. Meanwhile, your team can evaluate candidate responses at their convenience.

Benefits of Jobsoid Video Interviews

  • Saves time and speeds up your recruitment process
  • Quick and easy-to-implement
  • Feasible interviewing solution especially during current times
  • Ensures awesome candidate experience and boosts your employer brand
  • Promises better and quality hiring

This reward by GetApp has boosted our confidence. We look forward to introducing some cool features in our video interviewing app over time.

Meanwhile, we are offering a Free Jobsoid Subscription* for companies, recruiting firms as well as other institutions who are fighting against the spread of deadly COVID-19. This Free Subscription can be availed by any institution who is hiring doctors, nurses, and/or other medical staff. You can sign up for a Free Account today. In addition to this, you can also schedule a call with one of our Product Specialists to discuss how Jobsoid can help you out with your recruitment process.

* Only our new customers are eligible for a Free subscription for a period of 3 months or a maximum value of $900. Existing Customers with annual subscriptions may avail this offer while opting for a 3-month extension on their existing annual plans. All requests to opt for this offer will be evaluated with due relevance to COVID-19. Jobsoid may deny any requests without providing any reason. Jobsoid may also cancel the subscribed offer during the scheme period if such account is found to be used for any other purpose than hiring for COVID-19 relief.
Bhavit Naik

Bhavit Naik is the Co-Founder & CEO at Jobsoid Inc. Being a serial entrepreneur with ventures across industries including IT, Hospitality, Real-estate, and Construction, Bhavit knew what exactly was needed to simplify the mundane hiring processes. He built Jobsoid to eliminate the hassles of tedious recruiting process and help businesses hire better, faster.