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How Does An ATS Save Money During Recruitment Process? 

Anjali Saini on February 6, 2024 in Applicant Tracking System

Key highlights

  • 99% of Fortune 500 companies often use applicant tracking systems (ATS) for recruitment.
  • ATS simplifies the hiring process by automating tasks and managing data for businesses.
  • Integrating Jobsoid into your hiring process ensures a cost-effective approach to talent acquisition.

While recruiting new candidates, employers look for every other way to save costs. One of the most effective ways to do so is by using the ATS recruitment software for effective recruitment. Recent research indicates that 99% of Fortune 500 businesses use ATS platforms.

Let’s see how an ATS helps you save costs and time when hiring for your business.

What is an ATS or applicant tracking system?

The ATS system is a software program that can help recruiters manage the employee hiring process. The resumes and data of the employees are collected and sorted by the software to save time.

Screening the potential candidates through the ATS software is an easy process. You can track the progress and potential of your candidates. You can save both time and money for your businesses by digitalizing the hiring process using ATS.

How does an ATS save money in business?

An ATS system can save money in business in the following ways:

  1. Automates time-consuming tasks

    Interview scheduling and managing huge paperwork are time-consuming tasks that can take up a lot of time. 70% of people agree that automation would increase productivity in the hiring process. So, you can use ATS recruitment software to save both your time and money.

  2. Prevents inefficient processes

    You can connect with qualified and efficient candidates through ATS. The software also improves your collaboration. Also, it reduces the time-consuming process related to your recruitment cycle. You can scale up your company’s hiring numbers by using ATS.

  3. Enhances resource utilization

    The ATS system allows you to reach more candidates and screen them faster. Through this recruitment software, you can schedule interviews without even making phone calls. So, by using ATS recruitment software, you can enhance resource use.

  4. Eliminates the risk of unsuccessful hires

    According to 78.3% of employers, using ATS has raised the quality of applicants they hire. By using the ATS system, you can eliminate the risk of unsuccessful hires. The ideal candidate profile comparison feature in ATS software can help recruiters identify potential candidates. In addition, it also reduces the risk of unsuccessful hires by making the correct recruitment decision.

  5. Saves cost-per-hire

    The ATS software can integrate tools to save money and time. Some of the solutions provided by the ATS system are AI power sourcing, reference checking, and background checks. Additionally, this system also promotes efficiency and time savings when integrated into various hiring platforms and a common database system.

What recruitment sources help reduce recruitment costs?

Every recruiter looks for ways to reduce recruitment costs. Here are a few ways you can follow to do so.

  • Using recruitment software

    Recruitment software like Jobsoid is a specialized source through which companies can save both time and money. It can streamline the entire hiring process, such as CV screening of potential candidates, scheduling interviews as per the requirements, and managing the candidates.

    All of the activities carried out by the ATS recruitment software are at minimal or no additional cost. Recruitment software can reduce expenses and provide managers with more control over the hiring process.

  • Recruiting through social media

    A social media platform can allow recruiters to communicate easily with the candidates. The transparency and authenticity provided by social media channels can increase the volume of applications that one receives from individuals.

    One of the major advantages of recruiting through social media is that it is mostly free. You only need to invest time in sending messages, curating posts, and designing campaigns to attract potential followers.

  • Accepting employee referrals

    Accepting the referrals is another option that one can consider. Asking the existing workers for referrals and hiring through that can help save costs for a company. Recruiting through this method is much preferred in big companies, as these candidates can be more trustworthy.

Summing Up

ATS software is an ideal option for recruiting personnel and companies looking for good candidates. It allows you to hire easily, at no additional cost, and without wasting extra time. So what’s the wait for? Start your easy recruitment through Jobsoid, a top-rated recruiting software.

Start your free trial today without incurring any heavy costs.

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