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How to get more Qualified Applicants when Hiring? 

Kelly Barcelos on February 27, 2024 in Recruitment Process

Key Highlights

  • Creating a flexible job approach attracts more applicants from diverse backgrounds.
  • Optimizing job descriptions for SEO is one of the recruiter’s best practices in 2024.
  • Jobsoid provides free job descriptions to make recruiters’ tasks more efficient.

In the field of job recruitment, it is common to observe recruiters posting jobs on a daily basis and not receiving the desired volume of applications. Whenever posting a job, there are some best practices for recruiters to increase job applicants, such as flexible work approaches. Many big companies have adopted hybrid and remote work, and 70% of employees want to join this flexible work system. It encourages more applicants to join the company.

Have a look at all the strategies we brought you down the page to increase job applicants.

How do you attract potential applicants?

There are various approaches that work magnetically to attract potential job applicants. One thing to be sure of is the career growth opportunities an applicant can have while working for your company. Along with that, try to mention the salary range and benefits your company is providing. Always keep a good reputation and values that will attract applicants to want to work with you.

How to get more applicants for a job?

There are various ways to get more applicants, and we picked the best for you. They are as follows:

  1. Utilize the recruitment software

    Posting a job on a single platform can lessen the chances of getting the desired number of potential job applicants. There are many platforms and recruiter software, like Jobsoid, that can help you increase job applicants. You can do it by posting jobs through it on LinkedIn, Indeed, etc., or even on social media platforms. It can lead to the application traffic you want.

  2. Optimize job descriptions

    It is possible to reach the maximum number of people by optimizing the job descriptions. SEO can prove to be a best practice for recruiters. Use relevant keywords and titles in your job description to make SEO work.

    People tend to apply more when they can see what they will be offered by the company. When the salary range and benefits are mentioned in the job description, more applicants are likely to apply.

  3. Leverage social media to post

    Social media has no doubt become an integral part of people’s lives. Take advantage of this and post the jobs on social media platforms. It could be in a post, reel, or story form, or you can play ads to reach more applicants.

    Keep your post clear and concise, and use relevant hashtags. A simple ‘We are hiring’ headline is one way to gain the attention of many applicants.

  4. Make your application process shorter

    We live in a fast-paced world where people are not willing to spend hours sending one job application. Keep the application process short and easy; for example, use LinkedIn’s ‘Easy Apply’ feature. It takes 15 to 30 seconds to apply. The application process must be mobile-responsive because most job applicants use mobiles to apply throughout the day.

  5. Provide a flexible job approach

    Another way that can definitely help you get the most applicants for a job post is to use a flexible job approach. Gen Z applicants do not want to work in a rigid environment, and 62% of employees are more productive when working remotely.

    Hence, it is important to incorporate flexibility. This means including different work methods, such as in-office, hybrid, or working from home. People with different backgrounds who are looking for such opportunities will come forward.

What are the best practices for recruiters to increase job applicants?

To increase job applicants, recruiters can incorporate these practices into their work systems:

    • Open up to freelancers

      Hiring freelancers along with other candidates could be beneficial. 51% of postgraduates worked as freelancers in 2021, which has only increased. You may include both project-based hiring and full-time hiring.

      It is very common to find job postings that expressly exclude freelancers from consideration in their job descriptions. Stop doing that, and you will see a change in application numbers.

    • Take up employee referrals

      Some companies run employee referral programs in which their existing employees refer potential applicants to their network. You can also take up employee referrals to increase job applicants. It makes the recruiting process easy and saves costs for the employer.

    • Show your company’s values

      Each job applicant has a dream company that matches their work values and ethics. They want to join a company they are proud to be a part of. Describe your company’s values and culture in the job description, and maintain a good company reputation.

Summing up

Unlike the conventional system, today’s hiring is more applicant-driven. Therefore, significant changes are required to attract job applicants. An applicant tracking system like Jobsoid makes a recruiter’s work easy by simplifying the process and providing free job descriptions. Sign up now to begin your free trial.

Kelly Barcelos

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