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Job Advertisements : Everything You Need to Know

Kelly Barcelos on March 1, 2023 in Applicant Tracking System

A job advertisement, or job vacancy ad, is a communication to attract potential candidates for an open position. It is typically published in a public forum where interested applicants can review the details and apply with their credentials if they are eligible for the role.

Many people use job ads and job postings interchangeably; however, you need to know that they differ slightly. This article will tell you everything you need to know about a job advertisement – its importance, types, elements, and where to promote one for your organization.

What is the Importance of Job Advertisements?

Job advertisements are fundamental for employers looking to make the best hiring decisions. They serve as an effective platform for companies to promote their brand and attract potential candidates who fit the desired profile. Ultimately, they help employers find the right employees and ensure that those chosen possess the skills and knowledge to fulfill their roles.

It is important to remember that job vacancy advertisements can significantly impact a company’s recruitment costs and employer branding since they effectively promote your company culture and act as a self-promotion tool.

When correctly crafted, job advertisements can draw in qualified talent from a broad array of sources, leading to better quality hires and reducing the overall recruitment costs. Furthermore, creating well-crafted job vacancy ads also helps create an effective employer brand that attracts top-notch talent in future hiring processes.

What are the Types of Job Advertisements?

Job ads mainly consist of two types: Internal and External. Let’s take a look at them in detail:

  • Internal

    Internal job advertisements are also generally known as job postings and are an essential part of the hiring process in any organization. They allow employees to apply for open positions within their own organization, which can benefit both the employer and the employee.

    This type of advertisement also allows employers to promote from within and reward loyal staff members by recognizing their hard work and dedication. Additionally, it can save time and money on recruitment costs since there’s no need to search outside the company for potential candidates.

  • External

    An external job vacancy advertisement is an announcement of a job opening to the public. It provides important information about the position, such as qualifications and duties, to attract qualified candidates. Companies often use this as part of their recruitment process as it allows them to reach a larger pool of potential applicants.

    These hiring advertisements are typically published on online job boards and social media platforms but may also be posted in print publications and other local resources.

Accurate Elements of a Job Advertisement

A well-curated job vacancy ad contains enough details about the job role for anyone applying. Here’s everything that needs to be included from top to bottom:

  1. Job Title

    The first important step of a well-crafted job ad is the title of the job role. Anyone scrolling through their social media or a job board will most likely click on your advertisement for hiring based on its title. Specify the job position in the title itself – whether entry-level, mid-senior, or senior.

  2. Job Location

    A job location is one of the most missed-out elements of a job vacancy ad. You need to provide the area operational for the job role to get more job seekers and enable them to calculate the time required for commuting. By giving the vacancy’s primary location, you pull more relevant seekers willing to commute to the site.

  3. Job Description

    The job description section of a job vacancy advertisement includes a persuasive tone and details related to the job role. This consists of a summary of their key responsibilities and duties and the steps included in the recruiting process. It helps the job seeker to set clear expectations and no further disappointments.

  4. Job Specifications

    Job description and job specification might seem the same, but that’s not the case. Job specifications should include details about what is expected from the candidate, like skills, knowledge, and educational qualifications.

  5. Employee Benefits

    Adding employee benefits into your vacancy ad attracts more qualified job seekers because non-remuneration rewards are equally important. Include every benefit your company offers, like health insurance, paid leave, flexible work hours, remote work options, reimbursements, and retirement plans.

  6. Salary and Compensation

    According to LinkedIn, you would be surprised to know that approximately 61% of job seekers prefer seeing salary and compensation packages in a job description!

    Often, most hiring managers forget to include this vital component, but it’s essential to highlight the salary package in the description as it saves time for you and the employee. If the candidate knows the salary range for the position they are applying for, they’ll set their expectations right from the start, leaving no room for disappointment post tedious rounds of application process.

  7. Other Necessary Details

    Other than the requirements mentioned above for an excellent job advertisement, below are some of the essential information that also needs to be included:

    • Expected date of joining
    • The required hours (full-time, part-time)
    • Type of contract (temporary, permanent)
    • Future progression in their career or education
  8. Application Process

    You need to be completely transparent about the application process in the job vacancy ad to build trust between you and the candidate. Furthermore, this transparency also ensures that the candidate provides all the necessary information for making the right decision.

    Be clear about the application process right from the start. Tell the candidate what they need to provide, like references, cover letters, educational certificates, or portfolios.

  9. Contact Information

    It’s necessary to provide the contact information of the person in charge of the hiring process for the particular department. This helps your candidates to gain more information about the position if necessary.

  10. Visual Design

    According to a survey conducted by Software Advice, almost half of their participants (51%) responded that they would interact more with a job ad if it included visual elements. Furthermore, LinkedIn data says that shorter job vacancy ads get 8.4% more views by applicants than average. Hence, it’s important to keep the design and layout in mind while posting a job advertisement.

Where is Job Advertisement Best Posted?

Once you have crafted the best job vacancy ad by following the abovementioned points, you need to understand the best mediums to enhance your possibilities of pooling qualified and relevant candidates.

Here are some best places to publish hiring ads:

  • Online Job Boards
  • Career websites/apps
  • Social media like Instagram, Facebook
  • Run Paid Advertisements
  • The Career Section of Your Website
  • Newsletters
  • Local media

How Can an ATS Help a Job Advertisement Expand its Reach?

Earlier, if you wanted to get out a company position online, you would require to make accounts on multiple channels to promote it. However, with a smart Applicant Tracking System like Jobsoid, you no longer have to manually create different accounts for job vacancy ads on different mediums.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has an integrated job posting management service to build, maintain, and manage the career page.

With Jobsoid, you can advertise your job on the company’s website and career sites to attract a wider range of talent and simplify your recruitment solution. This can happen with the help of the following features:

Branded Career Portal

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One-Click Job Posting

List of different job portals

Website Career Page

Job openings list


Facebook Career Tab

Facebook page


Share on Social Media


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