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How to post a job on Monster?

Kelly Barcelos on September 18, 2021 in HR Management

Monster is a global leader in job advertising and recruitment. This leading job advertising platform aims to make productive and happy workplaces by connecting employers to their desired candidates. Monster speeds up your existing recruitment process by helping you find the right fit candidates for your job openings. Moreover, it leverages the advancements in the latest technologies to build an extensive recruiting solution that runs on artificial intelligence. It also offers a mobile app, social media integration, and many more features for seamless recruiting.


Monster offers a wide array of services and products for employers. In short, it streamlines your recruitment process to make faster hires. Here are some of the features that Monster offers-

  1. Better candidate profiles

    Monster uses data-driven algorithms to capture all the necessary information about the candidates. It provides you with a 360degree view of candidate information via structured candidate profiles. Furthermore, you have immediate access to the best talent without putting in the extra effort. Therefore, meeting the person behind the resume is no longer a problem with Monster.

  2. Advanced Resume Search Tool

    Monster also offers employers an intuitive tool for searching qualified candidates – Advanced Resume Search Tool. It fastens your hiring process by matching the candidates’ skills with your job requirements precisely. You can also view the potential matches for your jobs in real-time.

  3. Employer branding

    Monster also provides you with various features to build and strengthen your employer branding. Thus, you can attract the desired candidates to your company by portraying an excellent talent brand.

  4. Video recruitment technology

    Owing to the current pandemic situation, video interviewing is one of the most feasible methods of interviewing your candidates. Monster offers you features to shift to virtual hiring and thus, modernize your recruitment process.

Benefits of advertising jobs on Monster

The benefits of advertising your jobs on Monster are many. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Monster has partnered with numerous local job sites to help your jobs reach a wider audience.
  • Your jobs are included in the daily job alerts sent to the candidates.
  • You receive email alerts from Monster when new resumes are submitted to Monster. These email alerts are sent as and when the candidate information matches your job criteria.
  • You can also promote your job ads on a pay-for-performance basis.
  • Monster offers its users a 4 days free trial to test the platform for performance and efficiency.

How to post a job on Monster?

Posting a job on Monster is an easy process.

  • Click on the ‘For Employers’ button on the home page
  • Next, click on the ‘Post a job’ button. This will take you to Monster’s Pricing Page
  • Choose the desired plan according to your job requirements by clicking on the ‘Start Free Trial’ button. You can then either create an account or sign in to your existing account
  • In case if you do not have an account, enter your company details and other information to create a fresh account.
  • Upon account creation, you need to sign in to your account by entering your username and password
  • Next, you will have to provide your billing information in your account so that your account is charged upon completion of your 4 days trial
  • Once all the required details are submitted, you can enter the required information about your job posting and publish your job opening

You can also publish your job opening on Monster in just one click, without having to follow the above-mentioned steps directly via Jobsoid. You simply need to create a job posting in Jobsoid and Jobsoid will automatically publish it on Monster. Learn more about creating a job in Jobsoid in this help article – Posting a new job on Jobsoid.

Frequently asked questions about Monster

1. Is Monster free?

No, publishing your jobs on Monster is not free. You can choose the desired plan as per your hiring requirements.

2. What pricing plans do Monster offer?

Monster offers pricing plans starting from $279 per month for a single job posting, $399 per month for three job postings, and $649 per month for five job postings. You can also contact the Monster team for a custom job posting solution.

3. Does Monster offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Monster does offer a 4 days Free Trial for new subscribers.

4. What do Pay-for-performance job ads mean?

Monster offers you a premium job promotion plan namely pay-for-performance in which you pay only when candidates view your jobs.

5. Is job posting on Jobsoid free?

Yes, Jobsoid offers a forever-free plan to all its subscribers. You will be provided with one user account and one active job opening in this plan. Also, you will have access to most features except for some premium features that are available on the paid plans. So, sign up for Free Trial right away!

6. How can I post my job on Jobsoid?

Posting your job on Jobsoid can be done in a few easy steps. You can refer to this help article to understand job posting better – How to post a new job.

7. Does Jobsoid have a free job description library?

Yes, Jobsoid has a rich library of over 1000+ job descriptions belonging to various industries. These job descriptions are written by HR Experts and fulfill all job posting requirements as set by the job boards.

8. What other features does Jobsoid offer in addition to job advertising?

In addition to job advertising, Jobsoid provides a host of other features to streamline your recruitment process. Candidate management, interview scheduling, employer branding, reporting and analytics, and many other features.

9. How to delete a job on Monster?

Unpublishing your job on Jobsoid will automatically unpublish it from Monster. However, this could take some time.

Kelly Barcelos

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