include remote work in your employer branding

How to Include Remote Work in Employer Branding

Kelly Barcelos on August 13, 2020 in Employer Brand

In 2020, much before the coronavirus made remote working popular, 7 million people in the US were already working remotely, according to Gallup’s most recent State of the American Workplace. According to the analysis done by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics, in the last five years, there has been a growth of 44% in the number of people working remotely. So, it was a clear indication that beginning in 2020, the remote work statistics will show big increases.

A survey conducted by The Manifest says that 33% of hiring managers promote flexible remote work options in their employer brand.
How can you attract the right remote workers without them considering the remote work option as the only reason to apply to your company? By including the remote work aspect in your employer branding, of course!

How to Include Remote Work in Employer Branding?

5 Ways You Can Include Remote Work in Your Employer Branding:

  1. Showcase your culture on social media

    According to a survey released by The Manifest, 57% of hiring managers have used social media to promote their company’s employer brand in the past year.

    Candidates use social media to research companies before they decide to apply. This aspect can be exercised to build a strong remote employer brand.

    You can use social media to highlight your diversity. Show how your employees are making the most of their remote working arrangements. Also, showcase how remote working has shaped their lives. Consider posting videos or photos on social media platforms that show colleagues enjoying summer retreats or grabbing lunch while traveling.  Such kind of posts can inspire potential employees to start remote working with your company.

  2. Communicate expectations on your career page

    A well-made career page can successfully capture a potential candidate’s attention. Maintain transparency on your career site and be super clear about your expectations during the interview process. Be clear about the requirements, restrictions, and the benefits you provide.

  3. Use blogs to educate candidates

    Blogs are a great tool to establish your employer brand as a remote work expert. Write blogs that highlight various programs and initiatives your company implements to keep your employees engaged and productive.

  4. Build personal connections by hosting a virtual summit

    Another way to include remote work in your employer branding is leveraging the opportunity of everything virtual. Meet potential candidates during virtual career fairs, conferences, or summits. You can also consider hosting a virtual event yourself, sponsoring the existing ones, or letting your employees participate in them as subject matter experts.

    While you are making your presence felt in the virtual market, make sure you take time to network. Networking allows you to identify the talent you may want to consider for your open roles, and also gives a chance for candidates to ask questions about the company.

  5. Encourage learning through podcasts

    A great way to highlight your employer brand is through podcasts. Interview your in-house talent, and end each interview with a mention of your open positions and the skills you are looking for. Podcasting is an excellent way to show both the talent and the vision of the company.

It is ideas like these that can showcase your virtual culture and attract remote workers who are a perfect cultural fit.

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