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Interview No-shows – How to Handle it?

Kelly Barcelos on June 13, 2021 in Glossary

An interview no-show is when a candidate fails to be present at the scheduled interview. Finding the right candidates takes effort. And when the candidates fail to show up, it leads to frustration and an unpleasant experience.

While there can be many reasons for an interview no-show, as a Hiring Manager you should be able to handle the situation positively. Failing which your employer brand can go for a toss.

Here are some pointers to follow in times of an interview no-show.

  • Practice self-controlled behavior

    Although interview no-shows reflect unprofessionalism on the part of the candidate, avoid losing your cool. Refrain from sending harsh emails or calling candidates right away as it can lead to heated arguments.

    Whether or not the candidate is interested in the job role, impulsive behavior can negatively affect your company’s reputation. There is a chance that the candidate may resort to various social media platforms to express their disagreement. Thus, putting a blow on your employer branding.

  • Refer to the communication log and verify details

    Before you jump to a conclusion, cross-check all the details. See if there has been any miscommunication while conveying the time, date, or place. In the case of video interviews, ensure that the link provided is correct and the time zones match.

  • Be polite and understanding

    If possible, try to be accommodating to the candidate’s situation. Treat the candidates with kindness if they had an emergency to attend to. Greet them politely and give them time to settle. Be flexible and understanding in cases wherein the candidates have a valid excuse for not showing up on time.

  • Make inquires

    Wait at least for an hour after a candidate not showing up for a job interview. Once you have verified all the information at your end, send them a short email expressing your disappointment. You can also give the candidates a phone call to check if they have forgotten about the scheduled meeting. Take a final call based on the candidate response you get.

  • Move on and send a polite rejection

    If you do not hear from the candidates even after your repeated attempts at contacting them, know it is time to move on. Send them a polite rejection email by tweaking your message to suit the given circumstances. It is advisable to have all communications clear to avoid any disputes at a later stage.

To ensure that interview no-shows do not become a recurring nuisance, make a few tweaks to your hiring process. Here are some that you need to consider.

  1. Understand candidates’ expectations and goals beforehand

    Discuss the job role in detail and know what the candidates feel about the same. Talk about the job and salary expectations, their interests, and what made them apply for the open role. Judge their enthusiasm for the workplace before you proceed to schedule an interview.

  2. Reduce screening time and offer interview scheduling flexibility

    Lengthy screening procedures can be both time-consuming and annoying. The goal is not to have a long-drawn screening process but a smart one. Also, try to be accommodating to the candidates’ needs and allow them the flexibility to choose a date and time they prefer.

    You can use recruitment software to streamline your recruitment processes. This way you can cut down on the recruiting time and allow self-scheduling options as well.

  3. Keep all candidate communications clear

    Be clear and transparent in your dealings. Communicate your recruiting process and timelines clearly with the candidate. Send out a confirmation email upon receiving the candidate’s application. Similarly, maintain an email communication thread about the interview schedules or any other details. Effective and quick communication from your end will automatically make the candidate respond similarly.

  4. Obtain candidate feedback

    Knowing the reason for interview no-shows will help you prevent it. You can send out emails to candidates inviting them to take a survey or simply list out their feedback. While not all may get back to you, referring to a handful of honest feedback can make a huge difference.

The key takeaway is to streamline your recruitment process. The simpler and smarter it will be, the lower the chances of interview no-shows. Boost your hiring efforts with the addition of recruitment software such as Jobsoid.

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