How to Make an ATS Rollout Easy for HR Leaders

Kelly Barcelos on September 22, 2017 in Applicant Tracking System

Technology adoption is the single biggest factor impacting organizational success today. So are your employees ready for the big change? Will the transition help them perform their jobs better?

If users cannot adapt and feel uncertain when using new recruitment software, they may return to traditional hiring practices despite how cumbersome and complicated they are.

Choosing the best applicant tracking system is essential to recruiting efficiency and effectiveness but equally important is the way you rollout the applicant tracking software.

Advance planning is a prerequisite to the successful implementation of HR technology.

5 things you can do to make the transition easy for your HR leaders

  • Address The Existing Concerns Of Employees

The best way to understand employee concerns is to take their feedback. Soliciting feedback directly from the employees will encourage them to speak out their problems and put forward their needs.

Without employee feedback, you are most likely to miss out on what your HR technology should be able to accomplish and how it will address your recruiting team’s pain points.

  • Provide Necessary Training Prior To Implementation

Training needs to become your top priority if you want to ensure a seamless HR tech transition for your hiring team.

So set aside adequate time and teach your staff how to use the new recruitment software for streamlining their day-to-day recruitment tasks.

Also make sure that the training includes how to use the ongoing support available to simplify sourcing processes and procedures.

  • Focus On The People Side of ATS

The people using the new HR technology will determine its success so make sure they do not get lost in the features and functionalities of the recruitment software.

If you want your HR department to be tech-savvy, listen to their concerns first and figure out the best ways to integrate your new recruitment software with your hiring team’s workflow.

When they are clear on how the new ATS will be used to accelerate the sourcing process from start to finish, the implementation will surely be a huge success. For this, you would need to be a learner first and then lead your class. Become an expert first so you can keep the class moving ahead and focused.

  • Be Strategic With Your Purchase Decision

Bringing any cutting-edge recruitment software to speed up existing operations will only make sense if people can make optimum use of the available features and functionalities.

Since HR technology is a tool that simplifies sourcing and streamlines recruitment workflow, it is important to know how your team can make the most of it. Choose an applicant tracking system that caters to your unique business requirements while promoting easy adoption.

Forget about the features and focus on the factors that will garner the most adoption among its end-users. Know which system is easy to use, seamless to integrate, and quick to activate.

  • Make Easy-to-Use A Buzzword

The new HR technology has to be easy on your recruiters, else they won’t be able to use all the capabilities and take maximum advantage of it.

If the recruitment software is complicated, hiring managers will be slow to adopt and the prospective candidates will be less engaged which will eventually keep you from maximizing your ROI.

More than 70% of ATS implementations fall victim to mistakes that businesses make by introducing the HR technology early on and without considering how the move will affect employee motivation. Ensure that you are among the 30% companies who successfully implement an ATS without experiencing any operational disruptions by following the above-mentioned practices.

Kelly Barcelos

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