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5 Steps to Make Your Employer Brand Attractive

Leon Collier on March 18, 2020 in Employer Brand

Brand building is a long and demanding process that forces you to think about a myriad of elements simultaneously. It requires you to think strategically from day one in order to craft a strong brand image, make your employer brand attractive and successful for the long term.

There is no magic formula to help you with employer branding because it all depends on the features and qualities of your company in particular. For example – the work environment, work-life balance, your company culture, employees’ experience, etc. But, we can certainly point out a few elements that proved to work well in the vast majority of situations.

Here are five steps that you can follow to make your employer brand attractive.

Step #1 – Make it fit the audience’s interests

The first rule of building a great employer brand is to craft an image that perfectly corresponds to the needs and expectations of the job seekers. You might as well come up with a perfect brand vision. But what good can it do if you don’t take into account the preferences of your potential candidates?

For this reason, learning everything about your potential employees becomes quintessential. You need to find out the following details regarding your candidates:

  • Demographic traits such as average age, gender, and location
  • Marital or relationships status
  • Average income and level of education
  • Hobbies, interests, and leisure time activities
  • Personal values, vision, and beliefs

When you discover all these candidate-related details, you can create a perfect branding strategy that fits the style of your target audience. You can also tailor your online recruitment process in such a way that the job search process is streamlined and it delivers an amazing candidate experience.

Step #2 – Make the brand visually appealing

Did you know that the human brain is able to process visual data much faster than plain textual information? This basically means that the first thing people will remember about you and your company is the overall visual appearance of the talent brand.

In such circumstances, the main task is to make the brand visually appealing to attract the top talent. You also need to build a whole set of templates that will suit the branding strategy. There are two main components to take into consideration here:

  • Logo: A logo is the visual ID of your brand. It must be simple enough to send the right message to the target audience. In addition to this, you also need to make it is versatile enough so as to fit all dimensions and display surfaces.
  • Colors: There is a whole theory behind the meaning of colors because each hue comes with a unique connotation. For example, Coca-Cola and Red Bull rely on color red because it screams passion and energy, while IT companies like IBM or Facebook rely on blue because it sends the message of authority.

Step #3 – Choose the best tone and style

Every brand should try to build a highly specific and unique tone and style to share their brand message. After all, this is the only way to distinguish yourself from the crowd of more or less similar competitors. But, is there a way how can you do it most effectively?

You can make your employer brand attractive by thinking about the peculiarities of your brand. Your hiring managers should identify the features or points that make your brand stand out from the rest of the players in the same niche. You can ask yourself a few questions here:

  • What is it that makes your business so special?
  • Are you trying to build a brand that is funny, entertaining, professionally-looking, casual, provocative, or serious?
  • How can you differentiate and become more impressive than your closest industry rivals?

If you answer all of these questions correctly and honestly, you will come up with a clear idea of what your brand style and tone should be.

Step #4 – Publish high-quality content

Regardless of the type of your business, it is always necessary to publish lots of high-quality content on various marketing communication channels. This is important because the majority of candidates search for brands online. So, the only way to improve your discoverability is to invest in a comprehensive content creation strategy.

Every piece of a post you craft needs to be well-planned and carefully executed. The goal is to discuss each topic from various points of view and give your readers a clever insight into a given topic.

Besides that, your style of writing and visual elements of the content are supposed to suit the style of the brand. That way, users can instantly figure out that it’s your post they are reading, rather than someone else’s piece of work.

Step #5 – Use the best channels of communication

It is not only about crafting quality content but also about distributing it properly. After all, the Internet is packed with communication platforms. And, you must select the ones that really matter to you and your business.

For example, a B2B brand trying to approach senior executives probably does not need Pinterest or Instagram. But, it can definitely make use of LinkedIn. Generally speaking, every brand should focus on the following communication platforms:

  • Website: It is an anchor of the brand building strategy and the first place your candidates will be searching for you.
  • Email: With billions of users worldwide, email is considered to be the official business communication tool.
  • Social media: They give you exposure to billions of users. But, you should opt for the networks that make the biggest impact on your audiences.

Building a standout brand is by no means easy, particularly if you work in a niche packed with dozens of serious competitors. That is why it is important to start strong. You ought to avoid beginner-level branding mistakes in the early stages of your business.

In this article, we analyzed five insights on how to make your employer brand attractive. Have you already thought about or used any of these brand-boosting strategies? Can you tell us which tactic works well for your brand? Make sure to write a comment – our readers would love to hear about your branding experiences!

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