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Myths about Applicant Tracking Systems

Kelly Barcelos on June 22, 2020 in Applicant Tracking System

The COVID-19 Outbreak has brought about a significant change throughout the world. With social distancing becoming the new normal, we are slowly getting back to our new routines. Recruitment and hiring have definitely received a major blow in these times of pandemic. The HR staff of most companies today worry about how to hire the best talent for their roles.

Today, technology is taking its place in almost all sectors – be it education or marketing. Likewise, the recruitment field is not lagging behind either. The Applicant Tracking Systems, as they are called, are said to cover every part of the recruitment process right from receiving a candidate application to contacting him for an interview; from creating a new job vacancy to closing it upon hiring.

ATS also offer an easy way to post the jobs on various job boards and advertise on social media. You can also manage your talent pool, schedule interviews for qualified candidates, as well as gain insights into your recruitment performance with the help of real time reports such as source performance, time to hire etc.

In addition to this, an ATS can help you in delivering a great candidate experience by creating easy job application forms. You can also leverage various recruiting resources such as free job descriptions, recruitment campaigns, etc. strengthen your hiring process, and your employer brand.

However, in spite of having so many advantages, the recruitment software is not used by many Human Resource Professionals. There are some myths in the minds of hiring managers regarding the applicant tracking systems which need to be cleared so that every company starts using the ATS for a seamless recruiting experience in these times of uncertainties.

Here are a few common myths that people have regarding the ATS.

1. All ATS are the same.

The phrase ‘one size fits all’ is trivial regarding ATS. Every ATS is different from the other concerning the features and the functionalities. Therefore, finding an ATS that perfectly gels well with your hiring requirements should be done thoughtfully.

2. ATS are nothing but a database of candidate applications.

It is true that you will find all the candidate applications applying for the job openings in your company at one place, but ATS offers a lot more than being a database of candidate applications. You can publish your employment opportunities on various job boards using an ATS in just a few clicks.

In addition to this, you can also link your social media accounts with ATS and use it to share the news about the openings. You can manage your candidates, schedule interviews for them and communicate with them efficiently. It helps you hire the best candidate from among the pool of active job seekers.

3. ATS are tedious and not comfortable for use.

People have grown so used to following the traditional recruiting methods (for example, the Excel sheets) that they do not wish to give them away. They are skeptical about trying out an ATS. These hiring teams believe that learning the software will consume a lot of time. They fail to see that ATS simplifies the recruitment related tasks in many ways.

Using an ATS is a piece of cake. And the good news is, it requires minimal or no training at all.

4. ATS are job boards.

The truth is ATS and job boards (or job search websites) are entirely different from one another. ATS provides you an interface to manage your candidates and to post your job openings on various job boards.

Traditional recruiting methods required posting jobs on every job board manually. ATS have simplified this task for you. You can now post your job openings on various job boards with just a single click. Sharing the news of the opportunities on social media is also simplified by the ATS.

5. ATS will give away the ‘personal touch’ in the recruiting process.

You and your team are only responsible for your major recruiting decisions. ATS only serves as a medium to fasten your recruiting process.

As ATS are fully automated systems, you can communicate with your candidates using the email feature. You will not be required to use your email client for communicating with the candidates. The emails sent will not lose the personal touch as the ATS allows you to send out personalized email messages. ATS will help you focus on your candidates rather than the job posted and tedious recruitment process.

6. ATS is not suitable for small businesses.

This is one of the common myths about applicant tracking systems that most HR teams believe in. Using an ATS for hiring is nowhere related to the size and kind of your business. ATSs are specially designed for large business firms is a myth. ATS can also be used by small businesses who are actively hiring candidates for various job openings in their company. ATS helps you build your employer brand and also, enhances candidate experience.

7. ATS will interfere with other software that is already installed on the system.

Most ATS are web-based SaaS systems. The software is present on the web and is accessible over the internet. It does not affect the working of other software that is installed on the system.

8. ATS is expensive.

ATS is a cost-effective solution for all your hiring needs. As the software is present on the web, you will not have to install it on your machine.

You will not have to do any manual updates or upgrades. You would not have to purchase any external hardware. No IT staff will be required for the maintenance of the system. Using an ATS for hiring is way cheaper than the amount you would spend on traditional recruiting methods.

9. ATS cannot be used when you are hiring for multiple positions.

Hiring for various positions is a tedious task. As you receive a lot of candidate applications, you ought to sort the resumes according to the position they are applying for. Scheduling interviews is also a headache.

Using an ATS has its benefits. An ATS can scan thousands of resumes at any point in time. Scheduling batch interviews or conducting video interviews will fasten your recruitment process. Maintaining a mini database of candidates applying for the active positions will not be a great deal when using an ATS.

10. ATS is not secure.

The security of data is the primary concern of most companies. We save all your recruiting data on a secure cloud. In addition to this, we continuously maintain and observe this cloud storage in a secured environment. ATS also backs up your recruiting data on a regular basis to prevent accidental loss of your valuable data. The privacy and security of your data are the primary concern of ATS service providers.

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