New Improvements in HR Technology

Kelly Barcelos on September 29, 2017 in HR Management

As hiring demands continue to remain strong in 2017, organizations are now struggling to find forward-thinking, high-performing candidates across business operations. This has compelled recruiters to up their game with automation that makes the hiring system fast, efficient and accurate.

5 Factors that are likely to shape the future of recruitment

  1. HR Tech Will Take Over the Entire Sourcing Process

    Modern recruiters are already using advanced applicant tracking systems to find, attract, filter, assess, engage and hire candidates on different platforms. Moreover, analytics like skill set, personality assessment tests, and leadership qualities make it much easier to bring the best on board even with a broader range of selection criteria.

    Automation helps eliminate human bias from the screening process using sophisticated algorithms, enabling HRs to be even more accurate with their hiring decisions in future.
    Recruitment software can also combine the data of successful hires and crunch it further to develop accurate reports that help improvise existing recruitment policies and procedures over time.

  2. Data-Driven Models Will Replace Manual Methods

    Traditional corporate recruiting practices have a major flaw as recruiters often rely on their past experience, intuition, or even guesswork to arrive at a decision. This can lead to discrepancies, delays, and also result in the execution of a wrong solution.
    All of these hassles are eliminated with a data-driven model where prescriptive solutions guide the problem solving process for improved accuracy and certainty.

  3. Recruitment Decisions Will Increasingly Be Driven by Analytics

    Manual data entry and complicated spreadsheets will succumb to automated reports that facilitate proactive management of HR functions. Automated reports bring the ability to predict the number of positions to be filled, the time required to fill these vacancies, and the right ways to structure the recruitment workflow.

    When talent acquisition managers can precisely forecast the success ratio of new hires, it becomes easier for them to reduce the attrition rate and improve the quality of hires.

    Previously the recruitment programs where operating unchallenged but with the advent of feature-rich applicant tracking systems, every recruitment function from sourcing and screening to interview scheduling and reporting is simply dropped in the favor of hiring success.

  4. Social Media Recruiting Will Get Faster and Smarter

    While social media recruiting is not a new concept, using it for recruitment has changed massively with the entry of applicant tracking systems. An ATS lets you take the scanning and screening time from hours to minutes with smart filter intelligence.

    With an applicant tracking system in place, recruiters can post multiple openings on several social channels simultaneously, shortlist candidates in seconds, save them as favourites, view every profile in the same format, and keep a track of every applicant as they progress through the sourcing funnel.

    An ATS shifts the entire social media recruiting process from manual to automatic so that you can land the right fit much faster without going through the biggest hassle of the hiring process – screening relevant candidates from a sea of resumes.

  5. Candidate Experience Will Take the Center Stage

    Talent acquisition programs have a direct impact on the bottom line so recruiters are now harnessing the power of mobile recruiting software to expand their reach to the millennials.

    Mobile ATS not only makes it easy for tech-savvy candidates to apply on-the-go but also keeps them engaged with real-time notifications and interview reminders to eliminate no-shows.

    Time is the biggest barrier when it comes to keeping candidates engaged but an ATS efficiently takes care of this issue by making application instructions clearer, customizing long applications making them simpler and shorter, sending confirmation emails, and personalizing emails for engaging candidates at every step of the sourcing process.

    HR technology is now making it possible for busy recruiters to deliver a great candidate experience even if they are strapped for time, making candidates more likely to share positive reviews about your company. Win-win!

Top talent is a competitive advantage that empowers companies to keep clients happy with quality services. HR technology helps companies achieve greater business value by making the entire recruitment process organized and efficient from sourcing to onboarding.

Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.