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Kelly Barcelos on July 3, 2021 in Applicant Tracking System

We are excited to announce that Jobsoid now has a new job board – for seamless job advertising. In addition to the existing 20+ job boards, you now have Upward to reach out to a larger talent pool. is an excellent job board that employs technology to make hiring a better experience for your team as well as your candidates. Founded in the year, is operational across all states in the USA. It services various industries such as Accounting & Finance, Healthcare, Customer & Office Support, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Restaurant & Food Service, Sales & Marketing, Warehouse, Transportation, and Security.

Founded in the year 2009, aims at providing employers as well as job seekers an opportunity to grow in their careers. has an extensive network of over 100+ job sites. Every job advertisement you publish on can be automatically distributed on these platforms as per your preferences. also sends out regular job alert messages to registered job seekers. In addition to this, you can also start promotional campaigns to improve the job reach, target certain categories of job seekers, as well as employer branding.

Jobsoid integrates with

Jobsoid’s integration with is sure to bring a boost to your job advertising and candidate sourcing efforts. receives over 1.5 million applications every month. This will definitely widen your reach and help you receive a large number of candidate applications.

Jobsoid has always aimed at simplifying your recruitment efforts and streamlining the same to make better hires. In addition to job advertising, Jobsoid also helps you manage your candidates in an online talent pool. It also helps you with interview scheduling and management as well as measuring your recruitment performance. Furthermore, Jobsoid also allows you to collaborate with your team online and make informed hiring decisions.

So, sign up for a Free Jobsoid account and take your job advertising to the next level.

Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.