Perks of using Applicant Tracking System

Perks of Using an Applicant Tracking System

Kelly Barcelos on January 6, 2017 in Applicant Tracking System

Businesses are now rapidly moving towards popular recruiting software that are proving to be a great advantage by helping the firms to find the best talent in the industry. Advanced applicant tracking systems (ATS) are being used by these companies as recruitment solutions.

For those who are not familiar with the term ATS, it is an automated modern recruitment system that is implemented by organizations to search and recruit suitable candidates for a job.

ATS is a cloud-based recruiting software that uses complex algorithms at the backend to sort candidate data as per your requirement.You can list down job seekers based on their location, skills, education, etc. Doesn’t it sound fascinating?

Let us dive into some of its important advantages that take the recruitment burden off your shoulders.

  • Competitive Advantage

    One of the most important features of an ATS is a competitive advantage. Being the best technique to sort out and search candidates based on the requirement, ATS gives the best results which consequently gives you the best talent in the industry. It also avoids resume duplication.

    As a result, the firm that uses this software has a competitive advantage over the firms that don’t use it. Talent recruited thought this software is bound to be much more appropriate than those recruited through other methods.

  • Scalability

    This employee onboarding software is such that it is able to scale and build a staffing system in no time. It provides you with several ways to expand your firm. Other than providing you with a sustainable and solid recruitment infrastructure, this software also allows you to evaluate and track the performance of your employees.

    All the data on this software is linked though cloud and can be easily synchronized. This largely decreases the effort that you may have to put in to sort resumes. In addition, you can easily track the sources of all the hires which increase the credibility of your potential candidates.

  • Cost-Effective

    Since it is a cloud-based system, you don’t need an IT team or a server. You will only need access to the internet and a computer system for logging into the ATS. This largely cuts off the cost of human resources that would been needed to do the entire work. With this system, you only pay for what you need.

  • Keeps you Updated

    Cloud-based ATS is constantly updated to make sure that the system that you use is the latest version of the software available. With every update, you get additional features that make your work easier. New features and enhancements that come with each update are an improvement on the previous ones and in some way tend to decrease the effort you put into a certain process.

  • Automation of Hiring Process

    Usual recruitment process consists of boring admin tasks like organizing candidate data, sorting candidate profiles, updating recruitment status, etc. This whole process of hiring candidates can take a lot of time and effort. However, if you switch to modern ATS, all this work gets automated and largely reduces the time and effort you put into the tasks.

    The recruitment system eliminates the need to do all the work manually. An ATS allows you to search through the database and find a candidate matching your job requirements. Advanced search functionality allows you to filter the candidate data based on one or more criteria.

  • Decreases the Risks

    Using ATS potentially decreases the risk of recruitment mishaps like losing resumes, listing the wrong candidate, missing out on right candidate, etc. This not only saves you time but provides you with a better recruitment experience.

Jobsoid is a cloud-based applicant tracking software that can get the job done right for you. It is exactly the recruitment software that you have always wanted. With all the advantages mentioned above, it provides a great user experience by choosing the best talent in the industry for you while you sit back and relax.

Kelly Barcelos

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