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Productivity Enhancement Tips For Employers

Donna James on April 6, 2020 in HR Management

As a small business, your most important asset consists of your employees. If they are happy working for you, then they will be highly productive at work, and you will be happier for it. So how can you enhance and increase their productivity?

Sometimes, it is as simple as making small changes to the routines and habits around the workplace which can have a dramatic improvement on the productivity and efficiency of the workplace. That way, you can get better quality work done in less time and with less effort.

So how exactly do you achieve this? How do you make your employees happier and more productive? Well, here are 6 tips for an employer to enhance productivity in the workplace.

Top 6 Productivity Enhancement Tips

Tip #1 – Optimize for efficiency

Every business has some kind of operating rhythm at the moment. You need to think about how you can change your current workflow to improve and boost your productivity. It is just as important to think about the short term as it is to think about the long term.

Perhaps, you could implement a better way to structure schedules for your employees in order to improve their ability to achieve their daily tasks. You can personalize the process and give each member of your team some kind of plan they can follow to improve efficiency.

Encourage them to come up with a list of tasks they need to do and then prioritize based on which jobs are most important. That way they can just check things off the list containing important tasks as they do them and become more efficient. Thus, they will not be wasting time over the tasks that are not of high priority.

Tip #2 – Do not do everything by yourself

It is understandable that the idea of delegating some of your work to others might be scary because it comes with a bit of risk. However, it is also very good for other members of your team as it involves giving them more responsibilities. It will likely boost their morale and make them more satisfied with their job.

Remember that you should not just give these extra responsibilities to any employee. You ought to look for those who are qualified to do them and have a track record of succeeding at a particular kind of job. In other words, look for those employees who have the right skills, give them more responsibility, and then step aside and let them do what they do best and shine.

When you delegate tasks to your employees, you give them the opportunity to learn new skills and gain leadership skills in the process. It will be good for your company and for the employee as well. They will have a sense of purpose and direction while your company will be more productive for it.

Tip #3 – Get rid of distractions

Getting rid of distractions is one of the most important productivity enhancement tips you should follow. The biggest distraction you should watch out for is social media, as it can nip productivity right in the bud. That said, having a no-phone policy in the workplace can be rather draconian. Instead of banning phones during work hours altogether, try to help the employees to focus better and stay engaged with their work without being too overbearing.

Give your employees the right incentives to switch their phones off while working but take breaks to check their phones regularly. That way, whenever they are at their desks working, they are more likely to be productive.

Tip #4 – Have the right equipment at your office

If you want your employees to do their work on time and with efficiency, you should provide them with the right tools and equipment for their work.

While an employee’s skill level matters most, it is actually quite counterproductive to have them working with the wrong tools, such as a slow computer or faulty printer. Even a great technical analysis cannot be done in NSBroker if their computer is too slow. No matter how good your employee is, a bad tool will seriously hamper his productivity.

Get the best quality modern equipment and software for your employees. It will make a huge difference for your employees and their productivity. In addition to this, it will also paint a positive picture of your company to outsiders, making it look forward oriented.

Tip #5 – Set realistic goals and offer support

One of the biggest problems that managers face is that many of them have no idea whether their employees are high performers or not. They do not have a strong and clear sense of whether the team is productive.

You should think about whether your employees might need incentives in order to remain disciplined and productive. To do this, give them some SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) goals. Give your managers and employees clear direction so they know what their expectations should be. This will make them more productive as they will have clear goals to aim for.

Tip #6 – Positive reinforcement is your friend

Encourage your employees to behave in a certain way or achieve certain goals, give them ample motivation to do so, and then reward those that do.

When you have to criticize the work of your employees, give them constructive criticism that they can build upon to improve their work. Give them personal incentives to want to do their job well and reward them for meeting expectations. You can give them a free lunch, or a holiday or something else of the sort.

You should also celebrate the successful employees by naming them so other staff know about them. This leaves them feeling fulfilled and motivates the others to want to do just as well. When you motivate your employees in this way, with correctly aligned incentives, they will want to do better and productivity will spike.


The productivity of your employees directly impacts your bottom line, so do not take it lightly. With the 6 productivity enhancement tips above, your workplace should be a lot more productive and your bottom line a lot better. Work smarter not harder!

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