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Employee Happiness Ideas: How to contribute to Employee Happiness

Kelly Barcelos on January 16, 2020 in Employer Brand

For any company to thrive and succeed in hiring the best talent, having a strong employer brand is a must. Your prospective candidates must know your company, your company culture, and the work environment better. Your existing employees also play a significant role in establishing your employer brand.

The prospective candidates look up to your existing employees for a review of your company. They observe how you and your management treat your current employees before deciding to make a move. Your employee satisfaction is directly proportional to your hiring success. Thus, it is also vital for employee engagement and retention.

Building up a happy and great work environment is one of the fundamentals of every employer branding solution. Having a good infrastructure for enhancing the workplace has also played a crucial role in strengthening the employer brand. You should focus your employer branding efforts on how your existing employees see or perceive your organization. It should include exciting employee engagement ideas and strategies to improve their skills and make their work-life better.

How can an organization contribute to maintaining a healthier, happier environment for its employees? Employer Branding, yet again, plays a critical role here. Your employer branding strategies should include a workplace happiness program for your existing employees.

Employee Happiness Ideas

Here are some employee happiness ideas that you can implement under your employee happiness program.

#1. Employee Well-being

According to research, catering to your employee’s well-being is an essential attribute in employee happiness. Well-being at the workplace can not just be thought about in terms of your employee’s physical health and safety. It includes a host of other aspects like job satisfaction, work relationships, mental health, work-life balance, etc.

Develop a friendly relationship with your employees. Try speaking to them about their problems and contribute towards finding a solution. Contentment and happiness at work boost employee performances.

#2. Secure Position

Did you know that job security builds up the confidence level of the employees? Yes, it does create a sense of security and safety. Studies have found that a lack of job security gives birth to fear in the minds of your employees. This, in turn, affects their performance at work and could prove to be hurting your employer brand.

A secured position enables your employees to plan out their career path, which will help them grow in their career. In other words, your company will grow as its success is directly related to that of your employees.

#3. Competitive On-time Salary

You must provide your employees with a competitive and timely salary. The salaries should be based on how well they perform their duties and the efforts they put in to accomplish them. Always remember no one likes to make extra efforts, especially when they do not get rewarded for it.

#4. Effort Recognition

Recognizing your employees for the efforts put in for their role has boosted the company’s overall productivity. When you acknowledge your employee’s efforts and give them credits, they feel motivated to speak good about your company. This will help you in enhancing your relationship with your employees on a professional as well as personal level. In addition to this, it will lead to boosting your company’s employer brand reputation.

#5. Employee-friendly Policies

Employee-friendly policies are one of the best and the most effective of the employee happiness ideas that a company can implement.

A healthy workplace not just offers ample opportunities for professional growth to its employees. It also helps employees to balance their personal lives as well. Conduct an employee survey to find out what exactly your employees are looking for and devise these policies. In addition to this, you can offer them flexible working hours, remote working or ‘work from home once a week ‘opportunities, child daycare facilities, etc.

#6. Career Development Opportunities

Include career development programs in your employee happiness strategies. Employees hold high regards for their employer when they are given opportunities to hone their skills and capabilities. Offering them opportunities for professional growth helps employers to gain the loyalty of their employees. This is also a driving factor for attracting talented candidates.

#7. Employee Referrals

Employee referral is another strategy that significantly contributes to building your talent brand. It helps in maintaining a general feeling of trust and satisfaction between the employees and the employer. You can encourage your employees to recommend candidates for open positions.

Your employees will feel trusted as they are bestowed with this huge responsibility. This will also improve employee engagement in your recruitment process. You can also offer them some rewards for every successful referral.

#8. Employee Engagement Activities

Working on tasks and projects all the time can drain out the energy of your team. Hence, conducting some stress-relieving, fun activities for your employees will be a great idea.

You can organize some picnics, day-out events or happy hours for your team members. In this way, your employees will be able to get away from work for a while. You can also offer healthy snacks or free lunches to your team once a while. Such activities will help in team-building and strengthening employee-employer and employee-employee relationships.

Why should your employees be kept happy?

Contentment in the employees multiplies manifolds on its own. When an employee is satisfied with his job, he is surely happy to carry out all the responsibilities assigned to him. He will surely make an influence on his peers.

A productive employee is a source of motivation for his peers. His colleagues are bound to feel that aura, and they will themselves be motivated to perform their duties as well. In this way, happiness does not only remain confined to an individual but spreads all over the organization.

Happiness at the workplace will boost the morale of all the employees. They will be able to manage their responsibilities with pleasure instead of feeling pressurized. Their confidence will certainly render a healthier attitude in the entire organization. They will be more focused and will be encouraged to be more creative and efficient in their roles.

The right attitude and motivated employees are the keys to any successful employer branding strategy.

Does employee happiness contribute to a better employer brand?

Yes, it does. Your prospective employees highly regard your existing employees. Your current employees have been working with your organization, and they know how it is to work for your company. The prospective candidates can hence relate to them better.

Their experience and their reviews affect the decision of these potential candidates by a great deal.

So by devising a workplace happiness program, you are nurturing your employee satisfaction and increasing employee engagement in your recruitment process. In addition to this, you are also attracting talent to your company.

To sum up, a happy and productive workplace is all that the candidates nowadays are looking for. The decision to make a job change is not just governed by the designation or salary you offer. The manner in which you treat your employees plays a significant role.

You can devise an employee happiness program by using some of the employee happiness ideas mentioned above. Jobsoid has helped many companies with their employer branding efforts and build a great employer brand. Jobsoid has all the necessary features and advanced tools which will help you with your employer branding strategies. You can also sign up for a Free Account on Jobsoid.

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