The Recruitment Challenges You Should Focus on for Post-COVID-19 Hiring Success

Kelly Barcelos on May 7, 2020 in Applicant Tracking System

We are experiencing a radical lifestyle change that the coronavirus has brought upon us. It has also got us thinking about what the world is going to look like when this crisis ends. Right now, we are in the bear market, and the near future isn’t too optimistic for businesses as they may not see any growth spurts.

So, it’s pretty obvious that right now, you are probably hiring less or not hiring at all. But the moment the market bounces back, you might have to do an insane hiring ramp-up. So, use this time to prepare for that moment.

The recruitment process will change after the pandemic.

When the business opens and you start hiring, you’d realize that things are not the same. You’ll see that the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked long-term changes in the recruitment process. Your old recruitment strategy will not work, and you’ll need to have a new hiring strategy— the one that’s relevant, and can be efficiently implemented – or else, you’ll risk losing customers, who will go to your competitors if their needs aren’t met.

Recruitment Challenges That Businesses Must Address Now to Hire Effectively Post-Pandemic

If you want to hire effectively after this crisis ends, you must accept that changes are inevitable, and it’s important that you incorporate these (below) changes in your recruitment strategies

  • The effects of the coronavirus on the global economy will last for years to come
  • Technology will play an ever-increasing role in all business sectors
  • The increased use of technology will create skills gaps
  • The existing staff will need counseling to accept the change
  • Training to upskill employees will be essential to ensure they remain agile and adaptable
  • Employees who are not able to adapt to these changes will have to be laid off
  • The skill gaps may have to be filled by hiring remote workers
  • Remote teams will be widely entertained
  • The recruitment strategy will need to have a hiring process in place for remote workers
  • Companies will need to plan a budget for investing in technology to support remote teams

Start preparing today for tomorrow’s world

If you want to start strong – the moment the pandemic is behind us, then you’ll have to use this time to prepare for the post-pandemic recruitment world.  Consider these questions at this time:

  • What’s your company going to look like in the post-pandemic version? Once you have a sense of your company’s future look, you can work backward and hire accordingly
  • Are you adequately staffed for the post-pandemic version of the company? If not, figure out what you need to do to get people onboard
  • Is your company going to make work from home the new normal? If yes, then you need to devise policies, invest in technology, and include remote hiring in your recruitment strategy

Strategies to Cope With Recruiting When Pandemic Ends

Taking steps today to prepare for tomorrow’s hiring needs will help you get up to speed quickly. Use this time to plan and strategize (as below), and you should be ready to go forward.

1. Take a step back and assess your recruitment strategy.

NOW is a great time to re-evaluate your current hiring strategy. Is it effective in attracting the right people? Did you have onboarding problems? Do you have high turnover? Assess your existing hiring practices and find ways to improve it. Some tips:

  • Review your existing workforce. What skills your current team has and what skills you need post-COVID-19. Carry out skills evaluations and work towards minimizing the skills gap
  • Revise job descriptions, job posting, and team structures to adapt to the changing work dynamics
  • Look for opportunities to get better at hiring, interviewing, and onboarding candidates
  • Identify ways to integrate technology to speed up and improve your recruitment process
  • Come up with solutions to improve your candidate experience
  • Revise policies to make room for remote teams

2.  Keep moving forward

During these uncertain times, the only way forward is to go through it. Recruiting may not be a top priority right now, but things are going to be normal in the future, and that’s why recruiting should not stop. So, you need to

  • Adjust your hiring process and goals accordingly
  • Be agile and position your company to find the best talent

3. Stay connected with your target audience

Were you hiring before COVID-19 happened? If yes, then you were probably accepting job applications. Even though you might not be hiring now, keep in touch with the candidates. So, when this pandemic ends, there will be no communication gap between you and the candidates, and you’ll ready to resume business as usual.

  • Keep the communication channels open and let them know your current situation
  • Use emails, social media, and other communication platforms to stay connected with your target audience and keep them updated about your company status

4. Use this time to let your employer brand do the talking

Take advantage of the current chaos to ensure that your employer brand maintains its strength

  • Highlight the culture at your work is shifting from an office environment to a home environment. Almost all your employees are working from work. Ask them to share stories based on a culture of collaborations and togetherness – how they go out of the way to help one another in these difficult times
  • Get your leaders to convey the message about how the company has changed its direction to ensure employee safety, initiate fund drives, etc

5. Tailor your recruitment technology to speed up and improve your recruitment process

Prepare your technology to streamline your hiring process.

  • Use tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype to stay connected and take interviews. While recruiting through video, don’t forget to do a pilot run before the actual interview to avoid technical hiccups
  • Use an effective applicant tracking system like Jobsoid to seamlessly handle the end-to-end recruitment cycle

The changes we see in recruiting today is here to stay for a long time, and hiring will probably never be the same again. Whatever processes we adopt today will change how we hire in the future.

Right now – It’s not a great time. But as with every other suffering – this too will come to an end. We’ll see the light again, but our world will look and feel different; our priorities will change, and our expectations will shift. If your business has to hire in the post-pandemic world successfully, you need to plan, strategize, and implement changes so that you are ready to do things differently.

How can Jobsoid help your company cope with post-pandemic hiring challenges?

  • After the pandemic, there will be a surge in job applications, so much that your recruiting staff may feel overburdened and stressed. Jobsoid will help you save time, money, resources, and effort by automating the application sourcing and candidate tracking process
  • Job posting through ATS casts a wider net on various job boards to attract the right talent, so you can easily fill the skills gap that has been created by the effect of the pandemic on businesses
  • You’ll be able to build your company’s talent pipeline with top qualified candidates, ready to be accessed as and when the need arises. This edge will help you stay ahead of the competition in the post-pandemic world

Jobsoid can help you today to prepare for tomorrow’s hiring needs. Now is the time to register here for a FREE account and stay prepared for the post-pandemic recruiting challenges.

Kelly Barcelos

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