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SelectSoftware Reviews lists Jobsoid in Top Free ATS

Kelly Barcelos on October 12, 2020 in Applicant Tracking System

SelectSoftware Reviews lists Jobsoid in their Top Free Applicant Tracking Systems. We are elated that our recruitment software, Jobsoid has made it to this list.

About SelectSoftware Reviews

SelectSoftware Reviews is a software review website that helps you in making the right decision about the software. With the help of unbiased reviews and expert research, you can find, choose and implement the best software for your businesses. In addition to this, it also helps you in staying updated about the latest trends and strategies.

An applicant tracking system helps hiring teams in improving their recruiting and hiring process to hire better candidates faster. However, most ATSes available today can prove to be expensive for businesses. That is why SelectSoftware Reviews has compiled this list of Top Free Applicant Tracking Systems. And, SelectSoftware Reviews lists Jobsoid in Top Free Applicant Tracking Systems at position 6.

According to SelectSoftware Reviews, Jobsoid is a Solid ATS for Startups. Jobsoid offers amazing features and helpful services for organizing as well as streamlining hiring processes of startups. Recruitment managers, human resources team or simply hiring managers can use this cloud-based recruitment platform to simplify their hiring processes.

Jobsoid is listed in Top Free Applicant Tracking Systems by SelectSoftware Reviews

Why should you choose Jobsoid ATS?

Jobsoid is a complete recruitment software for your every recruitment need. Right from posting jobs on various job posting platforms to managing your candidate applications, from communicating with your candidates to interview scheduling; Jobsoid offers you a one-stop solution.

Jobsoid also offers you the following features –

  • Smart Filter Intelligence to shortlist the best fit talent in a jiffy.
  • Textual questionnaires and video screening tests for better candidate screening.
  • Chrome Plugin to help you source candidates on LinkedIn faster.
  • Recruitment marketing campaigns to engage your talent pool in your recruitment process.
  • Job Description Library to help you write engaging job descriptions.

In addition to this, Jobsoid also offers you tools for building your employer branding. It also helps you in delivering a great candidate experience to your talent pool. It also helps you access candidate information and other recruiting information from a centralized place.

You can also activate your referral portal to have your employees refer the best candidates to you. Jobsoid helps you in strengthening your talent acquisition efforts in a lesser amount of time.

We thank SelectSoftware Reviews for listing Jobsoid in this Top Free Applicant Tracking Systems. You can also sign up for your free account today to know how Jobsoid can optimize your hiring processes.

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