SoftwareSuggest awards Jobsoid

SofwareSuggest awards Jobsoid

Kelly Barcelos on June 17, 2019 in Applicant Tracking System

We are thrilled to announce that Jobsoid has been awarded by SoftwareSuggest.

SoftwareSuggest is a Software Review and Recommendation platform that will help you in finding the best software solutions. In other words, you can look for software in terms of your industry and functionality requirements. You can conduct basic research by having a look at the software features and reading customer reviews.

Every year, SoftwareSuggest announces its Summer Recognition Awards during the month of April. This is their little contribution towards honoring businesses for their service and support towards the software industry.

Jobsoid has been awarded ‘Great User Experience Committed to Deliver’ Award by SoftwareSuggest in App Development Software Category.

SoftwareSuggest awards Jobsoid with ‘Great User Experience’ Recogition Award
SoftwareSuggest awards Jobsoid with ‘Committed to Deliver’ Recogition Award

Jobsoid – An All-in-one Recruiting Software

Briefing you a little about Jobsoid, it offers a complete recruitment solution for your recruitment needs. You can post your jobs on various job boards and manage the candidate applications you receive on one platform. Communicating with the candidates, collaborating with your hiring team, assigning them tasks, scheduling interviews; In short, Jobsoid provides you a one-stop solution.

In addition to this,

  • Jobsoid has an AI-powered Smart Filter which scans the candidate resumes and scores them automatically based upon the job requirements. In other words, Jobsoid quickens your candidate shortlisting process.
  • With Jobsoid, you can conduct your preliminary candidate screening rounds by screening your candidates on video. Jobsoid offers you an offline video screening solution. As a result, you can save up a lot of time on onsite interviews.
  • You can also source potential candidates on LinkedIn in just one click. Furthermore, you can engage them in your recruitment process with the help of recruitment marketing campaigns.

Above all, you can connect your recruiters/clients on Jobsoid to send and receive candidates directly in your ATS.

Meanwhile, you can also watch this video about how Jobsoid can streamline your recruiting efforts.

We are constantly striving to make Jobsoid the Most User-friendly Applicant Tracking System of current times. This award has certainly boosted our confidence. We look forward to building Jobsoid with incredible features and outstanding user experience.

We thank SoftwareSuggest for giving us this opportunity to nominate Jobsoid for Summer Recognition Awards 2019 and rewarding Jobsoid.

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You can check out Jobsoid’s page on SoftwareSuggest Website here. And probably, leave a review mentioning your experience while using Jobsoid!

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