8 Talent Acquisition Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Kelly Barcelos on December 15, 2017 in Recruitment Process

Hooking the best industry talent continues to remain one of the biggest tasks for recruiters who are constantly struggling to strike a balance between day-to-day recruitment activities. While this leaves little time to focus on emerging processes, it is equally important to stay updated because according to industry experts, the focus of HR will be technology and it will become a way of life.

These 8 hiring trends will change the way HR works :

  1. Companies Will Optimize Their Online Presence

    With 9 in 10 job seekers using a mobile device to search for jobs, companies are now optimizing their careers site and social profiles to attract and engage top talent on mobile devices. Using an applicant tracking system is the easiest way to market your job opportunities.

    An ATS lets you build a customized careers page without experiencing the hassles of creating, hosting and maintaining a branded careers site. Designed keeping the recruiter and the job-seeker in mind, an ATS will put the careers site in the spotlight with an emphasis on mobile optimization.

  2. Referral Madness Will Take the Center Stage

    As recruitment costs continue to escalate, employees will turn to referrals to reduce the cost-per-hire by 30% and the time-to-hire by at least 40%. An ATS will help companies transform their social networks into a recruiting engine by supporting the referral program and the recruitment process as a whole – inviting existing employees to actively participate.

    An applicant tracking system will enable recruiters to leverage the social presence of their existing employees for talent acquisition.

  3. Recruitment and Retention Will Collide Head On

    Finding the right fit for a job when there is a wide talent gap in the market is expensive. To maximize retention, HR managers are now revamping the onboarding process because it has a massive impact on the attrition rate.

    An applicant tracking system being a one-stop solution that streamlines recruiting and simplifies the onboarding process, recruiters will leverage it to save time and effort while ensuring a positive onboarding experience every single time.

  4. Data Will Become a Big Deal

    Talent analytics is driving all talent acquisition initiatives today. Recruiters are now leveraging applicant tracking systems to keep a constant track of the talent pipeline to quickly make a match between an urgent vacancy and available talent. An applicant tracking system offers an end-to-end view of the recruitment process and helps recruiters understand the talent pool better.

    This helps in narrowing down the candidate pool without investing much time and effort and accelerates the sourcing process, helping companies fill vacancies with qualified candidates faster.

  5. Hiring Managers Will Turn into Social Media Mavens

    Modern day recruiters need to think like marketers and sell their company culture and the benefits of the position they are offering to convert prospective candidates into new hires. In 2018, more and more recruiters will actively promote their employer brand on social platforms using HR technology to enhance online visibility and expand recruitment reach.

  6. Technology will Drive Decision Making

    Applicant tracking systems are intuitively designed to offer actionable insights, helping HR teams acquire candidates who perform without having to maintain spreadsheets or analyze candidate traits. HR technology will shift the focus of recruiters from entering data to analyzing it by auto-generating accurate performance reports that reflect everything from time-to-fill and cost of hire to conversion rate and high performing sources.

  7. Consistent Communication Will Become a Critical Factor in the Battle for Top Talent

    Recruiters are better able to bring high potential people onboard and hit their hiring goals when they prioritize the candidate experience. A positive candidate experience can dramatically decrease the odds of losing top talent and so every recruiter will be seen focusing on improving the candidate experience by all means.

  8. ATS will be a Huge Part of the Hiring Process

    Recruiters are no longer wasting their time maintaining spreadsheets and generating HR reports because they have an ATS to make their work faster and life easier. An applicant tracking system is enabling every recruiter to meet the talent needs of the organization even in a tight job market by automating every manual task. Applicant tracking system is an empowering tool that is enabling recruiters to contribute to business success.

Kelly Barcelos

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