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Top 10 Job Boards for Diversity Hiring

Poonam Jamuni on July 24, 2021 in Insights

What is Diversity Hiring?

Diversity hiring is basically companies that are looking for potential candidates from diverse backgrounds. This helps in removing any obstacles that refrain the candidates from having equal career opportunities. A diverse workplace helps in promoting morale as well as productivity.

What Are the Different Types of Diversity?

  • Religion diversity

    A Religion diversity is something that involves different kinds of religions and spiritual beliefs in an individual or a group of people.

  • Cultural diversity

    Cultural diversity is different cultural backgrounds in the person related to once ethnicity.

  • Gender diversity

    Gender diversity or Sex diversity is generally the gender of an employees which are mainly male or female. This may also involve sexual orientation.

  • Age diversity

    Age diversity is working with different age groups of individuals.

  • Disability

    Disability in an individual is basically any form of a chronic conditions. This may involve physical to mental disabilities.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Diverse Candidates?

Here are factors you should consider before you start hiring diverse candidates

  • Enhances innovation and creativity.
  • Builds a wider talent pool.
  • Promotes your employer brand in a positive manner.
  • Talents ranges of skills and experience.
  • Improve employee’s happiness.

We have compiled the top 10 job boards of diversity hiring. This list will definitely help you in recruiting the most suitable candidates as per your hiring needs.

  1. DiversityJobs

    DiversityJobs offers various features to the employers such as unlimited job posting, integration with an ATS, resume database, and much more. This job boards also have approximately 500K+ active candidates registered under them. In addition to this, you can also promote your company branding. To know about their pricing plans, you will require to contact them for pricing details.

  2. Diversity is a niche job board that helps you to attract a diverse talent pool. You can choose jobs based on the industry or location. This job site is particularly for black and minority candidates. You can access unlimited candidates’ profiles as well as a resume database. You can opt from their variety of pricing plans.

  3. Fairygodboss

    Fairygodboss is an online community for women’s careers. Numerically speaking, Fairygodboss has about 9 million active job seekers enrolled under them. Besides this, there are around 150+ companies that are currently leveraging this job board to hire top talent. These companies include Apple, Johnson Johnson, PepsiCo, Salesforce, and many others. They offer 3 types of pricing plans which include silver, gold, and platinum for job advertising.

  4. Powertofly

    Powertofly is a job board that focuses on finding, sourcing, and recruiting women, trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people. Here, you can have access to about 1 million talented candidates. Besides this, you can also message potential candidates whenever required. Further, you can post a job advertisement for 45 days at $499 only.

  5. WorkplaceDiversity

    WorkplaceDiversity is the next one among the famous job boards for hiring diverse talent. Posting a single job advertisement cost around $200 on this job board. WorkplaceDiversity has partnered with numerous other sites for seamless job posting. If you want to share this advertisement on their partner sites, then you will require to pay an additional cost of $95. You can also feature your jobs to be listed on top of their search page.

  6. RecruitDisability

    RecruitDisability is a job board that is managed by the Sierra Group, a rehabilitation engineering consulting firm. This job board provides employers with numerous features such as bulk job posting, resume database access, banner advertising options, etc. They provide 3 pricing plans namely, premium, platinum, and standard. You can choose anyone as per your hiring needs and requirements.

  7. POCIT

    POCIT is a popular platform that helps people of different colors with jobs in the technology industry. This job board is used by companies like Amazon, Buffer, Spotify, Nike, Twitter, amongst many others. You can pay as per the number of jobs positing on the site.

  8. Blackcareernetwork

    Blackcareernetwork is one of the popular job boards wherein you can find candidates from the black community. Over 350,000 monthly new members join this job board for searching jobs. In addition, you can find candidates from industries such as Engineering, Accounting, Journalism, Sales, etc.

  9. Pink-Jobs

    Pink Jobs is a famous LGBT-friendly job vacancy website. It uses their social media account to promote jobs. Besides this, you can post unlimited jobs for free on this job board. An employer can receive an alert when a new candidate that matches your search joins this job board.

  10. HLPA

    HLPA stands for Hispanic/Latino Professionals Association. This job board provides America’s best companies and organizations with a diversity-based recruiting solution. This job board provides excellent features that include email advertising, job posting, virtual recruiting services, and employer profiles.

These were the top 10 job boards for diversity hiring.

When it comes to attracting any of these professionals, the main important aspect would be a job description. You should choose your words wisely while writing your job advertisement. Additionally, when you compose your job description ensure that it is less gender bias and more diverse candidate friendly.

Jobsoid is an Applicant Tracking System which will assist you in hiring candidates from diverse backgrounds. Jobsoid also has a library of 1000+ job descriptions pertaining to different industries. You can customize these job descriptions as per your job specifications.

This all-in-one software helps you in posting your job advertisements and finding your desired candidates. Furthermore, it also helps in filtering candidates using its Smart Filter Intelligence. This feature involves fetching the skills from your job descriptions, setting a score, and then rating candidates with points based on these skills. This will allow you to shortlist candidates in just one click of a button which in turn reduces your recruiting time.

Register a free Jobsoid account and get started with advertising your jobs on the top 10 job boards for diversity hiring for your organization in a minimum amount of time.

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