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Top 10 Job Descriptions for IT & Development Industry

Poonam Jamuni on October 13, 2020 in Insights

The use of computer systems have influenced all the sectors of the economy. We use computer systems and services on a day to day basis through its hardware, software, web applications, and many more. IT professionals are responsible for building and maintaining these software solutions to solve real life problems.

The candidates willing to join this IT & Development industry should hold a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or related field. To be successful in these job roles, the applicant must have in depth knowledge about agile software development technologies. In addition to this, the candidate should be able to write clean code along with extraordinary analytical and logical skills.

Past experience in the Information Technology industry in the desired job roles is essential for these job roles. Furthermore, the applicant should have basic knowledge of debuffing as well as manual testing. The candidates should possess extraordinary communication skills, quick decision making skills and the ability to pay close attention to details.

Here are the top 10 job descriptions for IT & Development industry.

  1. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    A Chief Technology Officer is responsible for developing and designing technical solutions to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. The candidate is also responsible for assisting the Human Resources Department with training and hiring decisions.

    To be successful in this role, the candidate must have a clear vision for the company’s development and growth. The potential candidate should have a thorough understanding of technology infrastructure as well as strategic planning.

    The CTO should also possess exceptional presentation skills, strong problem-solving skills, and the ability to handle multiple tasks effectively. In addition to this, the candidate should be a critical thinker as well as able to pay attention to details.

    Do you want to hire a CTO for your company? If yes then, use this Chief Technology Officer Job Description template to hire faster.

  2. Project Manager

    A Project Manager is responsible for managing the people as well as the procedures to ensure that the projects are handed over to the client on time. The Project Manager is also responsible for developing strategies, allocating resources, and supervising the ongoing projects.

    Since the candidate will be in direct contact with the higher management, they should have exceptional communication skills. Professional certification such as PMP/ PRINCE II will be an advantage for this position. In addition to this, the candidate should have practical knowledge of Project Management software.

    Strong analytical skills, extraordinary leadership skills, and excellent time management skills are the skills these candidates should possess.

    Explore this detailed Project Manager Job Description template to hire faster.

  3. Software Developer

    A Software Developer is responsible for designing and implementing functional software applications for clients. The primary objective of a Software Developer is to build effective software applications in a timely manner.

    In addition to this, the candidate should have a strong passion for coding skills as well as experience in Agile Frameworks. Furthermore, familiarity with the entire software development life cycle is essential for this tech job position.

    The prospective applicant should be able to work in dynamic environments as well as manage multiple projects simultaneously. Strong database management skills, Good communication skills, and the ability to pay close attention to details are necessary for this role.

    Use this customizable Software Developer Job Description template for your job posting.

  4. Java Developer

    A Java Developer is responsible for managing the development of web applications. The Java Developer is also responsible for developing software applications as well as testing them. The candidate will play an important role throughout the life cycle of the entire software development program.

    To be successful in this position, the candidate should set out as well as maintain secure, functional, and high-quality applications for the organization. In addition to this, the candidate should have a thorough knowledge of application development and database management systems.

    The potential applicant should possess excellent logical skills, good time management skills, and an amazing ability to multitask.

    Check out this detailed Java Developer Job Description to know more.

  5. Data Scientist

    The next job description in the list of top 10 job descriptions for IT and Development industry is Data Scientist.

    A Data Scientist is responsible for supporting the products as well as the sales team with knowledge from organizational data. In addition to this, the prospective applicant should be an expert at utilizing large big data sets for the company’s product.

    The Data Scientist should be strongly logical with an exceptional ability to analyze data and statistics. Furthermore, the candidate should hold a Bachelor’s degree in Data Science or related field. Strong experience in data-driven statistical models and predictive modeling is essential.

    The applicant should have excellent presentation skills, good communication skills as well as an investigative mind.

    Try this detailed Data Scientist Job Description template to hire qualified candidates.

  6. Software Engineer

    A Software Engineer is required to debug, maintain, and test software applications. They are responsible for applying all the engineering concepts for creating complex software applications.

    Outstanding experience with technologies such as Oozie, MapReduce, Hive, Kafta, and many other applications is necessary for this position. To be successful in this job role, the candidate must be able to demonstrate strong technical as well as analytical skills.

    Additionally, the candidate should work in collaboration with database administrators, support specialists as well as the artificial intelligence team as and when needed. This position demands strong logical thinking abilities, quick decision-making skills, and the ability to pay close attention to detail.

    Customizable Software Engineer Job Description template to recruit A+ candidates for this position.

  7. Network Administrator

    A Network Administrator is required to install, configure as well as maintain hardware and software networks of the organization’s computer systems. The Network Administrator is also required to monitor computer network operations on a day to day basis.

    Designing and implementing a new network from the start as well as configuring the authentication for users are some of the tasks the Network Administrator role demands. The candidate must hold a professional certification such as CCIE, CCNA, or JNCIE certificate.

    Quick decision-making skills, strong technical skills as well as ability to maintain a positive work environment these skills the Network Administrator should possess.

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  8. QA Tester

    The next job description in the list of top 10 job descriptions for IT and Development industry is QA Tester.

    A QA Tester is responsible for running and testing software applications, computer systems as well as software products so as to identify issues. He/ she should also identify and report bugs. The main goal of a QA tester is to ensure that all the software applications work.

    Professional certification like ISTQB and CTFL certificate will be an advantage for this job position. Strong knowledge of designing and developing test scripts is mandatory. In addition to this, the candidates should also possess exceptional project management skills, quick decision-making skills as well as the ability to solve complex problems.

    Use this detailed QA Tester Job Description template.

  9. Web Programmer

    A Web Programmer is responsible for the coding, designing, and developing web applications according to the requirements provided by the company. The Web Programmer is also responsible for addressing the issues and resolving conflicts with the team members.

    In addition to this, the Web Programmer should have thorough knowledge of graphic designing, user interface design as well as computer programming. Since the candidate will be working in collaboration with team members, he/she should have good communication skills. Furthermore, the candidate should possess great problem-solving abilities, strong project management skills, and the ability to take quick decisions.

    Explore this Web Programmer Job Description template and recruit in no time.

  10. Technical Architect

    A Technical Architect is required to design as well as develop strategies for efficient infrastructure for software development according to the technical specifications. The candidate is also required to communicate strategies to Software Architect, Development Teams, and Project Manager.

    Prior experience in cloud computing technologies is essential for this job role. To be successful in this role, the Technical Architect must have a good understanding of computer systems. Furthermore, they should possess good organizational skills, outstanding analytical skills, and strong work ethics.

    Check out this Technical Architect Job Description and hire talented candidates quickly.

These are the top 10 job descriptions for IT and Development industry.

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