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Top 7 Job Descriptions for the Design Industry

Poonam Jamuni on August 5, 2020 in Insights

We are surrounded with designs in our everyday life; right from the home furniture to the digital platform. The design industry is certainly an irreplaceable part of any organization. Design plays a crucial role in introducing your product or services to the customers.

A great designer is someone who can communicate visually. Designers should be able to convey their message in the form of visuals. In addition to this, the designer should be able to follow the project accurately. His designs should be able to communicate with the desired audience effectively.

Some of the basic concepts a designer should be fluent in to be successful in these job roles are

  • UI and UX designs
    This will help the designer to know how to control the user experience and focus on the looks of the website.
  • Information Architecture
    It is the way in which the designer should analyze how much content needs to be presented on each page for good user experience.
  • Responsive design
    The designer should understand the responsiveness of the website and how the responsive design works.
  • Typology
    The designer should have a thorough understanding of web fonts to create the desired design is essential.
  • Color theory
    Color can drastically change the impact on how users perceive your web page. Therefore, choosing color is an essential element in the design process.

The ultimate goal of a designer is to create a clear, concise, and visually-appealing design. Therefore, your candidate should have an artistic ability to turn your ideas into real design.

The candidate should possess exceptional time management, amazing problem-solving and decision-making skills in order to be successful.

We have compiled some top 7 job descriptions for the Design industry for you.

Top 7 Job Descriptions for the Design Industry

  1. Graphic Designer

    A Graphics Designer is responsible for creating graphics with his exceptional designing skills. To be successful in this design role, firstly the potential candidate should be able to develop ideas as per the client’s requirements. Secondly, the candidate should stay updated with the latest knowledge and understanding of designs.

    The prospective graphic designer should possess strong knowledge of Computer-aided design (CAD) along with other image editing software. For instance – Adobe Photoshop or Sketch.

    Are you interested in hiring a Graphic Designer for your company? Use this Graphic Designer Job Description template to attract top talent faster.

  2. Web Designer

    Creating a unique brand identity for a web design company is the main aim of a Web Designer. They are responsible for designing responsive, user-friendly web pages.

    The candidate should be able to create a storyboard, process flows, and sitemap so as to make it simpler for the client to understand. The web designer should have a keen eye for details and excellent time management skills.

    So, check out this Web Designer Job Description. You can certainly use this job description to hire the best Web Designer for your company.

  3. UI/UX Designer

    A UI/UX Designer is responsible for building graphics designing elements that fulfill the user’s requirements. User interface designs like menus, widgets, tabs are also designed by a UI/UX designer.

    A strong understanding of the wireframe is an essential requirement for this role. The candidate should also possess excellent time management and communication skills.

    Customize this UI/UX Designer Job Description template as per your hiring requirements.

  4. Illustrator

    A professional Illustrator is responsible for designing an artistic piece of work for publication in a digital form. The candidate should have a creative eye in picking fonts, colors, and other graphic elements. The illustrations that the illustrator creates should resonate with the target audience. Therefore, ability to understand the target audience is a must.

    Furthermore, the candidate should be able to communicate their ideas and sketches efficiently with the art director, product design, and other design team members.

    Use this detailed Illustrator Job Description template to attract the best candidates to your job.

  5. Production Artist

    A Production Artist is responsible for managing the prints and production team. The prospective candidate should be able to make improvements and prepare them for print and digital production.

    Having a keen eye for detail and excellent technical skills are essential in this job role. Likewise, ensuring utmost accuracy in the design and production is also mandatory.

    Know more about the Production Artist Job Description.

  6. Visual Designer

    The Visual Designer should focus on speaking to the viewers via graphic illustrations and presentations. The candidate should be able to collaborate with the designer to bring out the best graphics to engage your audience.

    Hands-on experience with visual design software is essential to be successful in this role. For example – Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw. Additionally, the applicant should have a strong work ethics with exceptional problem-solving and time management skills.

    Explore this Visual Designer Job Description to know more about the job role.

  7. Interior Designer

    An Interior Designer is responsible for making alluring interior designs by determining the space requirements. The candidate is also responsible for designing the right furniture and choosing the best decorative items to renovate spaces. The candidate should work in collaboration with engineers, architects as well as other designers for proper space planning and implementation.

    Also, the designer is required to create a client’s schedules for art and design projects. Hands-on experience in color, lighting, selection of materials, designing layouts, and customized furniture is a mandatory skill for such a role.

    Meanwhile, check out this Interior Designer Job Description template to know more.

These were the top 7 job descriptions for Design Industry.

To sum up. the design industry is always changing. You need to stay updated with the recent trends all the time. Above all, you ought to hire talented professionals for your roles. And to do that, you should to write precise job descriptions for the Design industry.

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