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Top 15 HR Manager Interview Questions

Poonam Jamuni on March 3, 2021 in Insights

Interviewing applicants is a troublesome responsibility when it comes to hiring genuine candidates. Based on the candidate’s role, you need to prepare yourself with appropriate interview questions.

You need to understand the candidate’s skills and experience across the required field. In addition to this, you should know whether candidates meet the job requirements as per company needs and demands.

Things to Remember Before You Interview a Candidate

  • Review the candidate’s resume properly.
  • Understand the candidate’s self-awareness.
  • Structure your interview process.
  • Ask the behavioural type of interview questions.
  • Conduct proper background checks.
  • Follow up with the candidate.

If your company is looking for an HR Manager, then you should ensure that you ask thoughtful questions during the interview. Before you call a potential candidate for an interview, let us understand the duties and responsibilities of this position.

What does an HR Manager do?

  • Recruiting employees in the organization.
  • Preparing and updating HR policies and procedures.
  • Resolving legal issues with the team.
  • Maintaining records of benefits plans.
  • Improving HR practices and methods.
  • Planning and monitoring the appraisal process.
  • Preparing employee investigation reports and many more.

An HR Manager is the primary person to solve the issue related to employees in the organization. If you are looking for a detailed HR Manager job description, then we have a fitting one written by an HR professional.

Now that you are ready with all the worthy information to interview an HR Manager, let’s see what you should ask the candidate. We have compiled a list of the top 15 interview questions for hr position.

These questions will be your ultimate guide for hiring the right candidate for your organization. Ask these questions, and you will be ready to hire employees quickly, thus making your recruitment process effortless.

What are some common interview questions?

Here are the top 15 HR Manager Interview Questions:

  1. What do you like the most about the Human Resources Department?
  2. Why do you think of Human Resources as a Profession?
  3. What do you think will change in Human Resources in the future?
  4. Why do you want to work with our company?
  5. What qualities do you possess that will drive our company to success?
  6. How proficient are you in Human Resources software?
  7. What experience do you have in managing disputes within an organization?
  8. Describe a challenging situation you had with a co-worker and how you handled it.
  9. How do you deal with unethical behavior as an HR?
  10. Explain your recruitment strategy.
  11. How do you manage cost reduction efforts as an HR Manager?
  12. What is your ideal workspace?
  13. Tell me about the difference between smart work and hard work.
  14. Have you ever broken company policy as an HR Manager?
  15. What are your future plans as an HR Manager?

Now that you are all prepped with the top 15 interview questions for hr position, you can make the best hiring decision.

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