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Top 3 Job Descriptions for Education Industry

Poonam Jamuni on September 25, 2020 in Insights

Education plays an important role in our society. The main objective of the Education industry is to provide education. The education industry covers facilitating education via elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, and educational administration.

The education professionals are responsible for the overall development of a student. The basic educational requirements of a candidate are to hold a doctorate degree in Education, Bachelor’s degree in Education, or a related High school diploma.

In addition to this, the Special Education Teacher, as well as Health Educators, should have professional certifications pertaining to the entry-level roles. The candidate must be familiar with basic first aid practices and procedures.

Excellent classroom management skills, amazing teaching skills, and willingness to learn new teaching methods are essential for these job roles.

We have compiled the top 3 job descriptions for Education industry.

  1. Teacher

    A Teacher is responsible for preparing the curriculum of the academic year as per the terms and conditions of the school. The Teacher is also responsible for delegating subjects according to their expertise.

    In addition to this, the candidate should teach the entire class irrespective of the grade. Furthermore, the teacher should prepare for the lectures as well as prepare notes. Tracking the progress of the students and creating results on the basis of assessment is an essential part.

    To be successful in this job role, the teacher should indulge in developing the student’s personality, skills as well as abilities. Prior work experience as a teacher or elementary school teacher is mandatory. The candidate should hold a valid Master’s degree in Education.

    The potential candidate should possess amazing communication skills, strong organizational skills, and the ability to handle a large number of students.

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  2. Guidance Counselor

    A Guidance Counselor is responsible for assisting students in achieving their academic as well as career paths. The Guidance Counselor is also responsible for designing an effective counseling program and getting students enrolled in these programs.

    Guiding and supporting the students who need counseling is an important part to be successful in this job role. Regardless of the student’s career issues or any other issues, the candidate should also be willing to assist the students.

    The candidate is expected to have a pleasing personality as well as a professional attitude. The main goal of the Counselor will be to guide students to become successful adults. Furthermore, the prospective candidate should help the students with colleges and university applications as well as scholarship programs.

    In addition to this, the candidate is required to hold a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Education, Psychology, or Political Science. Moreover, these Counselors should possess outstanding problem-solving skills, excellent leadership skills as well as the ability to work under pressure.

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  3. Instructional Designer

    An Instructional Designer is responsible to design and develop practice as well as the learning programs. The Instructional Designer is also required to compile all the learning activities as well as materials in compact modules.

    The ultimate goal of the candidate is to facilitate learning in students by attaining skills, knowledge, and competencies in an appealing way. The ideal candidate should have experience and knowledge of instructional design models and learning models.

    This position demands knowledge of basic HTML and Flash programming. In addition to this, the candidate should have amazing skills in the visual design such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and story-boarding.

    The candidate requires a Master’s degree in Instructional Design or Instructional Technology. Furthermore, exceptional communication skills, amazing lesson planning skills and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively are the skills these candidates should possess.

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These are the top 3 job descriptions for Education Industry.

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