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Top 5 Job Descriptions for Corporate Training Industry

Poonam Jamuni on September 7, 2020 in Insights

Corporate Training industry plays a major role in educating professionals. Corporate Training personnel performs various activities such as webinars, workshops, presentations, etc. to educate employees. Generally speaking, it is educating employees about their duties and responsibilities in your company with the help of instructional designs and videos. These instructional designs are usually designed in house, by the managers.

Whether it is the business administration department or business management teams, all employees from the organization need some training sessions. These trainers help the employees to enhance their skills and overcome their weaknesses. In addition to this, the training sessions also help employees to build their personality as well as confidence.

The Corporate Training personnel should hold professional certification as a Training Specialist. A prior work experience as a trainer will be an advantage for the candidate. To be successful in these roles, the candidate should have extraordinary communication and presentation skills. Furthermore, they should have a strong understanding of various training tools and techniques.

The Corporate Training Industry offers numerous job opportunities such as Training and Development Manager, Corporate Trainer Specialist, Learning and Development Managers, and many more.

Here are the top 5 job descriptions for Corporate Training Industry

    1. Training Manager

      A Training Manager is responsible for identifying the potential in employees and providing them with the necessary training programs. The candidate is also responsible for implementing training plans related to different roles in the company.

      The prospective candidate should possess extraordinary interpersonal skills. He should be dedicated to manage all the training activities and sessions. To be successful in this role, the potential candidate should be ready to tackle all the business as well as training challenges.

      Do you want to hire a Training Manager? If yes then use this Training Manager Job Description template to make the best hire.

    2. Customer Service Trainer

      A Customer Service Trainer is responsible for training the Customer Service as well as the Support team of the organization. The main aim of this role is to ensure that all the trainers understand the concepts well. In addition to this, the candidate should also be fluent in developing courses, lessons, and schedules. He should also have experience in preparing the performance assessment processes.

      A Customer Service Trainer should be willing to learn all the latest human resources management technologies and tools. The Customer Service Trainer should hold a certification of Certified Technical Trainer (CTT). In addition to this, this position also demands familiarity with Learning Management System (LMS) Softwares such as TalentLMS or Docebo.

      The candidates should also possess phenomenal communication skills, good listening skills, and the ability to manage time.

      Check out this detailed Customer Service Trainer Job Description template.

    3. Sales Trainer

      A Sales Trainer is responsible for identifying training needs in the Sales team and implementing the same effectively. He is also responsible for collaborating with the Sales staff. They are also responsible for maximizing the effectiveness of the Sales team via training programs.

      To be successful in this job role, the candidate must create learning materials. He should also monitor the performance of the trainer as well as make recommendations for improvements. The candidate should hold professional certification programs such as Certified Inside Sales Professional(CISP) and Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP).

      In addition to this, the candidate should be proficient in e-learning platforms. The candidate should possess outstanding coaching skills, amazing customer service skills as well as exceptional presentation skills.

      Customize this detailed Sales Trainer Job Description template to hire better, faster for the job opening.

    4. Corporate Trainer

      A Corporate Trainer is responsible for assisting the Corporate staff to expand their skills and knowledge. He is also responsible for organizing informative training sessions as well as improving the skills of all the corporate personnel.

      The Corporate Trainer should have strong knowledge of various training fields. In addition to this, he should also have amazing organizational skills as well as a positive attitude. To be successful in this role, the candidate must possess excellent presentation skills, exceptional communication skills as well as the ability to pay attention to detail.

      Use this Corporate Trainer Job Description template and post the job advertisement on various job boards as well as social media networks.

    5. Curriculum Designer

      A Curriculum Designer is required for selecting relevant instructional methods, defining time frames as well as developing training materials in physical and digital forms. The Curriculum Designer is also responsible for translating the employee’s needs into an appealing and effective educational course.

      In addition to this, the candidate must be able to write precise and accurate instructional copy. The candidate should possess exceptional research and writing skills. Furthermore, they should be familiar with video editing software. The candidate should also possess extraordinary analytical skills, phenomenal communication skills as well as amazing ability to pay attention to details.

      Explore this detailed Curriculum Designer Job Description and use it to hire a candidate from a wider talent pool.

These were the top 5 job descriptions for Corporate Training industry.

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