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Top 7 Job Descriptions for Construction Industry

Poonam Jamuni on August 14, 2020 in Insights

The Construction Industry contributes largely towards the economic growth of the nation. It is also the main factor for shaping the future with the hard work of numerous construction personnel. The Construction Industry involves constructing buildings, roads, bridges, renovating existing buildings, and other engineering projects. Construction of any kind requires thorough planning and designing of the projects.

This industry offers job positions varying from skillful employees to unskilled laborers; from architects to construction helpers. An individual willing to work for the Construction Industry should be hardworking. He should also possess excellent time management skills to complete the project on time.

Exceptional communication skills with the ability to speak in multiple languages is essential for job roles in the construction industry. Your candidates should have extensive knowledge of construction tools and equipment. Furthermore, the ability to understand the blueprints and construction plans is necessary to be successful in these job roles.

Here are the top 7 Construction Job Description

  1. Construction Project Manager

    A Construction Project Manager is responsible for coordinating with engineers and architects so as to complete the project on time and within budget. They are also responsible for handling all the legal permits and licenses that are required for the projects.

    Excellent communication and customer service skills are essential for this position of Construction Project Manager to be successful. In addition to this, the candidate should have a professional license and certification such as Project Construction Management.

    Explore this Construction Project Manager Job Description and use this in your Job Advertisement for hiring faster.

  2. Construction Manager

    A Construction Manager is responsible for working as the mediary between the construction staff and the labors working on the site. Therefore, they are closely associated with the architects, engineers, project managers, as well as other general contractors. They should be aware of the safety codes and their necessary requirements at the construction site.

    Prior work experience at construction sites and knowledge of quality standards are mandatory in order to be successful. Exceptional crisis management, excellent time management, as well as good communication skills are the skills these Construction Managers should possess.

    You can use this Construction Manager Job Description template and hire the best candidate for your company.

  3. Construction Estimator

    A Construction Estimator is responsible for collecting and analyzing the researched information. The ultimate goal of this job role is to provide the organization with precise data that will help in the strategic planning of tasks.

    An ideal candidate should possess excellent research, mathematical, and negotiation skills. In addition to this, the candidate must also possess an exceptional ability to pay attention to detail for accuracy.

    Customize this Construction Estimator Job Description as per your hiring needs.

  4. Construction Expeditor

    A Construction Expeditor is responsible for facilitating the smooth completion of construction projects cost-effective. The candidate should ensure that the site has a sufficient and convenient stream of equipment operators, machinery as well as other raw materials.

    The ability to tackle complicated issues is the prime objective of this job role. The candidates should also have a strong understanding of fundamental purchasing and technical aspects of project management.

    Hiring a Construction Expeditor? Use this Construction Expeditor Job Description and find top talent for this job role

  5. Construction Foreman

    A Construction Foreman is responsible for delegating tasks to the Construction Workers. Since they act as a bridge between upper management, civil engineers, and workers; maintaining a positive working environment is mandatory for this job role.

    Prior knowledge and experience of installing and maintaining construction equipment are important. In addition to this, exceptional problem-solving skills and the ability to read and interpret the blueprints are required for this managerial position.

    Do you want to explore the detailed job description? If yes then check out this Construction Foreman Job Description.

  6. Construction Supervisor

    A Construction Supervisor is responsible for managing and supervising the construction workers and staff. The primary responsibility of the candidate is to maintain all the records pertaining to the construction site. In addition to this as a Construction Supervisor, your candidate should have an outstanding knowledge of hazard management. They are responsible for keeping an eye on the happenings of the site.

    The candidate should possess excellent communication, management, and decision-making skills. In addition to this, the candidate must have an exceptional ability to troubleshoot and analyze problems.

    Check out this Construction Supervisor Job Description to hire the best construction supervisor in a smarter approach.

  7. Construction Worker

    Lastly, Construction Worker is the last one in the top 7 job descriptions for the Construction industry. A Construction Worker is ultimately responsible to build roads, buildings, villas, and any other construction projects. The candidate must also be able to work independently with different types of equipment and machinery.

    Unloading and loading raw materials are mandatory to be successful in this job role. Excellent physical strength and stamina are something that these Construction Workers should possess. In addition to this, they should have amazing time management skills.

    Customize and use this Construction Worker Job Description and post it on the job boards for free.

These were the top 7 job descriptions for Construction Industry.

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