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Top 7 Job Roles in Demand Right Now

Poonam Jamuni on February 3, 2021 in Insights

As we all know that, the world had come to a halt during the COVID-19 times. Many companies and the employment industry were forced to shut down for an indefinite duration of time. Numerous companies began to terminate their employees. Some industries started paying half salaries to their employees due to the economic recession.

As an employer, you should identify the industries which are high in demand. You can also provide training to the candidates to improve their skills. It is essential that you structure your job requirements according to the industry needs.

How to prepare yourself for hiring new candidates in 2021?

  • Ensure that you have a realistic goal
  • Identify candidates skills and talent
  • Offering to work remotely
  • Having a plan of action for recruiting
  • Building a powerful employer brand

If you are looking for candidates that will support you for the next couple of years, then this blog is just for you. All you need to do is to stay up to date with the latest trends in the job market.

Here are the top 7 job roles in demand right now.

  1. Healthcare Support Staff

    A healthcare support staff includes Medical assistants, Support, and other Administrative staff. These professionals contribute to care and well-being of the patient when a person is admitted to the hospital. They help in the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of a patient.

    To hire candidates in the Healthcare sector, they should hold the relevant certifications and training. You should ensure that the candidate has excellent communication skills and is ready to take up this challenging job role.

  2. Registered Nurse

    A registered Nurse is high in demand in recent times. A Nurse is the one who provides continuous care to the patient under supervision. Holding a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) or an Associate degree in Nursing (ADN) is mandatory for this role.

    In addition to this, the candidate should have exceptional knowledge of emergency care and nursing care methods. They should also be familiar with intensive care procedures. If you are planning to hire a Nurse then ensure that the candidate should have a license to practice approved by the state.

  3. Digital Content Creator

    Digital content creators include Vloggers, Bloggers, Influencers, Content Consultants, and similar others. Presently, digital content creators are high in demand as they are responsible for creating a buzz in the digital world. Whether it is writing a blog, creating a video, or updating website content, it is a need for an hour for every business.

    A Bachelor’s degree in any specialization is sufficient for these job roles. These candidates should have creative thinking abilities and excellent communication skills. In addition to this, they should be able to create ideas out of the box. If you are planning to hire one, then ensure that they have excellent presentation skills.

  4. Artificial Intelligence Specialist/ Machine Learning Engineer

    The main role of an AI specialist is to design intelligent programs that can make computers think and perform tasks like humans. This job role also requires performing a wide range of applications such as voice recognition, retinal recognition, fingerprint recognition, and so on.

    To hire an AI Specialist/ Machine Learning Engineer, you ensure that they have a strong programming background and fluency in various computer languages. Besides this, having a sharp eye for details for accuracy is mandatory.

    He should be able to convert ML models into APIs for software development. Additionally, he should have sound knowledge of statistics, linear algebra, and probability.

    If a candidate holds a degree in Data Science, Mathematics, or Computer Science then he/she qualifies for an entry-level position.

  5. Financial Advisor

    A Financial Advisor is basically who offers clients financial advisory services. They are the ones who should be up to date with the latest market trends. They invest client’s money and develop a financial plan for them.

    An ideal Financial Advisor should have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Apart from this, they should also have professional certifications such as CISI, FCA, DipFA, or similar. Furthermore, an outstanding ability to explain complex details to the clients is a must.

  6. Digital Marketing Professional

    Digital Marketing helps businesses to be successful in targeting ideal customers online. These professionals will guarantee that the business is visible on all the digital platforms.

    The Digital Marketing professional includes Search Engine Optimization Specialists, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, and many others. To hire in this field, you find candidates with skills like brand management, digital marketing strategy, and product marketing.

  7. Software Developer

    A Software Developer is a professional who builds software products based on client’s requirements. They are essentially responsible for designing and developing software and applications.

    To hire a Software Developer, the candidate should hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or Computer Engineering. Moreover, they should have exceptional knowledge of various programming languages and databases.

These were the top 7 job roles in demand right now.

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