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Ace Your Employer Branding Game – Learn From 8 Top Companies

Kelly Barcelos on January 6, 2023 in Applicant Tracking System

Branding and marketing your company’s complete employment experience is known as employer branding. Your reputation as an employer and a place to work is reflected in your employer brand.

Money is obviously crucial in the hiring process. But candidates also give importance to aspects such as work/life balance, employment security, and work atmosphere while choosing their next employers. This all is a part of an employer brand.

Therefore, strong employer branding has emerged as a “make or break” factor in modern times! It is a vital component of the hiring and retention process as the globe becomes more connected and the job market grows more competitive.

According to the eye-catching findings by LinkedIn, businesses with strong employer brands can lower hiring costs by 50% and employee turnover by 28%. This translates into annual savings, reaching millions of dollars for many businesses.

This post examines 8 top companies on a deeper level to learn more about what constitutes good employer branding. So let’s learn from the bests about how to attract and retain employees.

  1. Salesforce

    Possibilities for continuous learning, supportive leadership, opportunity to try out multiple roles, a culture that is fair, accepting, and based on trust, workplace with flexibility and balance – The American software company salesforce is described in this way by its staff and customers.

    Salesforce has held the title of the #1 World’s Best Workplace for some years in a row, thanks to its success in creating a solid community around it. One of the distinctive practices of Salesforce employer branding is the use of the Hawaiian word for family, “Ohana,” to refer to their team members and clients.

    This word also makes a clever allusion to the well-known Disney film Lilo & Stich. Arranging Ohana family reunions is one of their unique branding initiatives. These are the internal employer branding events where staff members can relax and socialize in a semi-formal setting.

  2. SAP

    The Gold award for “Grand Prix of employer brand management” was one of many awards this German multinational software business won at the 2019 Employer Brand Management Awards.

    Even in the years, it was not winning, SAP frequently appeared as a highly commended or runner-up entry. Why is it succeeding so well? The three main employer branding takeaways from SAP are to be real, pay close attention to employee input, and genuinely act on it.

    Employees are encouraged to bring their entire selves to work, expressed in the phrase, “Bring everything you are. Become everything you want”. The business uses a variety of inventive methods to spread its culture. Its employer branding channel LifeAtSAP closely collaborates with universities to connect with young talent.

  3. Hubspot

    The software company develops sales and marketing products for companies around the world. It’s hardly surprising that Hubspot is a leader in its employer brand, given the extent to which it is involved in assisting other companies in building an effective one.

    It is a business with a solid reputation for being independent, cooperative, and welcoming. It makes explicit the principles it upholds and provides a wide range of benefits. Self-improvement is strongly encouraged. There are many chances available for growth. It makes sense that it placed first in Glassdoor’s 2020 US Best Places to Work list.

    Hubspot is delighted to brag about how terrific a place it is to work. Moreover, the employees are pleased to promote it as a great workplace and are ardent brand ambassadors.

  4. Google

    Google is renowned for its inventiveness and bravery. It makes sense that it attracts the best talent (approximately 3 million resumes a year). Working for Google is prestige for employees.

    The business is aware of the need to provide a consistently favorable work environment and experience for its employees. Therefore, Google has made significant research investments into the effects of workplace culture.

    Its study has emphasized the significance of an emotionally secure workplace where staff members sense their work has purpose and meaning and can rely on one another to do high-quality work.

  5. Equal Experts

    Global software consultancy Equal Experts is ranked second on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2020 UK (workers’ choice) list of employers. What makes the company so beloved by its vast network of associates and employees?

    It places a substantial premium on knowledge and abilities, looking for candidates with a wealth of experience who can function in a flat organization with little supervision. It has the side consequence of giving employees a significant amount of autonomy.

    The environment is low on politics and rich in opportunities to innovate, which is valued by the staff. As a result, people that desire to accomplish a fantastic job in an unrestrained style are typically drawn to work for Equal Experts.

  6. Capital One

    Capital One made it onto the UK’s Top 15 Best Places to Work list. This finance provider has worked hard to create a welcoming, blame-free workplace by providing employees with freedom in a relaxed atmosphere. It is not always simple in such a heavily regulated sector.

    It has managed to establish an open and transparent culture, knowing that doing so involves discussing both the successes and the challenges the company faces. Capital One took some fascinating and quirky employer branding initiatives.

    For instance, it has mindfulness and music rooms in Nottingham and a 150-meter running track and bar on the rooftop of its London office for employees.

  7. Microsoft

    Microsoft doesn’t need any introduction. Therefore many qualified and capable candidates are interested in working at this software firm. But it’s also partially because the business makes a lot of effort to close the gender gap.

    When the CFO of Microsoft, Amy Hood, was named one of Forbes’ Most Powerful Women in the World in 2018, they supported her and celebrated her achievement.

    Both current and prospective employees are welcome to follow the fan page, share their ideas, and apply for the available positions. Microsoft chose a concept that was in line with the ethos of the brand. And they backed it up with action.

  8. Starbucks

    You wouldn’t think a brand associated with a casual hangout can be serious about employer branding. But they have more effective employer branding strategies than many big corporates.

    Starbucks maintains employer branding accounts on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, which it uses to communicate with current and potential workers. One of their social media employer branding initiatives is Starbucks College Achievement Plan (SCAP).

    They support students through SCAP by covering up to 100% of their tuition fees. And they make them their “partner.” Nope! Not the business partner. They use the term “partner” to address their employees. Quite a statement, isn’t it?

Now that you’ve gone through how these 8 organizations have topped their employer branding game, you can also check out our detailed guide on employer branding strategies to know more and learn about strategies you can implement.

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