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Why Companies have Slow Hiring Process and How to Overcome? 

Jobsoid Team on February 20, 2024 in Recruitment Process

Key Highlights

  • Hiring new and talented employees takes longer than anticipated for employers.
  • HR organizations must cater to the automated process to speed up the hiring process.
  • Jobsoids streamlines the hiring process by centralizing data and speeding processes.

Today, employers are taking longer than expected to hire new and talented individuals. Reports state that the average time taken to hire employees today is 32 days. So, what is causing this delay in the hiring process? And how can the hiring process be made faster?

Let’s dive deeper to seek answers to these questions.

Why is the hiring process so slow?

A slow hiring process is a total waste of time and mostly results from getting caught up in day-to-day tasks. Not focusing on the hiring process can often make it slow. So, here are a few reasons why the hiring process tends to be slow:

  • Lengthy hiring process

    There are too many job applicants waiting to be accepted, but the job applications are longer and require a lot of information to be completed. When the job application is lengthy, around 60% of candidates stop mid-way, hoping to complete it some other time or quit it entirely.

  • Not using recruitment software

    In the past two to three years, there have been significant changes in the hiring process, especially with the introduction of recruiting software like Jobsoid. This software is meant to ease the process as it takes less time. However, many HR organizations have not yet implemented these into their systems, which eventually delays the process.

  • Taking too many interviews

    The volume of candidates appearing for the interviews is increasing with each passing day. Various candidates apply for the same position, which leads to a bottleneck. Since most of the applicants fit the criteria, HRs end up taking too many interviews, which delays the process, making it slower.

  • Screening through paperwork manually

    While there’s no harm in reviewing the paperwork manually, it does create a significant gap. If you want to smooth and fasten the process, you should go with the flow rather than adopting a slower approach.

How can you improve the hiring process of the company?

Tired of the slow hiring process for the company? It affects your reputation. So, here are a few ways to expedite the process and get the best talent within the timeline:

  1. Use recruitment software

    Have you ever considered automating the recruitment process? Well, recruitment software like Jobsoid helps speed up the slow hiring process. How? It fetches the data, organizes employee information, and prevents any unwanted information. With every piece of information centralized and organized in one place, fetching data and contacting the candidates becomes easier, thereby speeding up the process.

  2. Generate automated job descriptions

    Generating automated job descriptions helps to get the job done on time rather than waiting for long hours. With the advent of generative AI software like ChatGPT and more, job descriptions can be curated within a few minutes with the right prompts. In fact, once you have the job description ready, you’ll be able to post the job sooner.

  3. Reduce the number of interviews

    Try to reduce the number of interviews you take as much as possible. You should tighten the interview process and reduce the number of rounds in which candidates appear for the interview. With respect to reducing the number of interviews, it is advisable to interview the candidates who fit the job application requirements completely.

  4. Improve communication with candidates

    Be very clear and transparent with the candidates right from the beginning. Rather than wasting time, you should keep the communication direct and highlight 3-5 benefits. Being transparent about the benefits allows you to cut to the chase sooner. For example, around 70% of professionals wish to know the salary of the recruiter.

  5. Take employee referrals

    Employee referrals have often been one of the best ways to speed up the hiring process. Once you have a position open at your organization, you need to roll out the message and see if any of your employees have references. Hiring through referrals often provides a sense of relief that you’ll be getting professionals and trusted individuals.

Summing up

A slow hiring process can often cost your company more than you imagine. Understanding the process and implementing certain aspects that help speed it up is of utmost importance. Rather than staying stuck on the same old notes, you must use the latest technology and implement recruiting software like Jobsoid in the hiring process. It can help boost your hiring process.

To learn how it will transform your entire hiring process, contact us now.

Jobsoid Team