4 Recruiting Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make in a Digital World

Top Recruiting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Jobsoid Team on November 17, 2017 in Recruitment Strategy

Recruiting talent is always a priority for business owners. After all, any business can only be as successful as the efforts of its employees. But the rules of the game are changing fast as decade-old processes flip on their side and make way for new and advanced HR technologies.

Recruiters, who don’t want to fall to the wayside on their road to evolution, must avoid making these 4 major mistakes when sourcing top talent:

  1. Neglecting the Human Element of Recruitment

    Automation has improved hiring processes dramatically, making recruitment workflow more effective and efficient. However, new hiring systems completely ignore the human touch due to which recruiters fail to build meaningful, personal connections with top talent, losing their potential employees to competitors.

    Personalized messages, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings have been replaced by impersonal Skype calls and auto-generated emails due to which the candidate experience suffers significantly. HR technologies are designed to assist the recruiter in the hiring process and not to replace it.

  2. Reluctance to Recruiting Software

    The flipside of ignoring the human touch and relying heavily on HR technologies is a complete failure to adapt. Recruiters who have not yet adapted to the digital transformation of HR can suffer a huge blow.

    Applicant tracking systems, HR business intelligence and online recruitment software – all provide hiring managers and recruiters with mission-critical data that can impact the bottom line by optimizing processes and procedures end-to-end. Neglecting technology in today’s digital era can come at a huge cost for hiring managers.

  3. Inability to Double Up as a Marketer

    Given the fierce war for top talent, recruiters need to be good marketers as well. Without a branded careers site and a strong social presence on popular networking platforms, companies can lose out on their credibility and competence against strong brands.

    Having an influential brand identity and a compelling careers page are the main drivers of every candidate’s decision to apply. Recruiters can use an ATS to ensure that their jobs get in front of the right talent by advertising opportunities on talent communities and networking platforms via the applicant tracking software.

  4. Failure to Develop One’s Self and Skills

    Recruitment is no longer restricted to filling vacancies. Top talent today expects more from recruiters and recruiters should develop the ability to ensure a positive candidate experience every single time. Fortunately, with recent technological advancements recruiters have real-time access to mission-critical information so they can take the best next step and make informed decisions.

    Those who fail to find their footing in the new era by striking a perfect balance between leveraging HR technology and adding value with purposeful human interaction will definitely not survive the waves of change.

If you are busy chasing your hiring goals but still struggling to find the right fit, it is time you stop and sharpen your skills. An easy way to upgrade your recruitment strategies is to incorporate an ATS that streamlines the sourcing process and saves a ton of time and effort by automating manual, everyday tasks.

Hiring managers can use the time an ATS saves to engage prospective candidates and ensure an awesome candidate experience even if it has to end with a rejection – because a poor candidate experience can travel faster than you can imagine.

So while you avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, also make sure that you are integrating social media recruitment in your sourcing strategy, keeping the candidate engaged throughout, and incorporating an ATS to uniquely position your employer brand when hiring candidates for a competitive edge.

Jobsoid Team