4 Ways an ATS Helps in Tracking HR Tasks

Kelly Barcelos on September 9, 2016 in Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system is a software solution that greatly helps the HR department with a number of tasks such as shortlisting resumes, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, mailing the candidates, carrying out on-boarding tasks, etc. It can be implemented in any organization or it can be accessed online.

This mobile recruiting software simplifies HR tasks and makes them more efficient. The processes are done faster and the chances of human errors are significantly reduced. However, it also achieves another task — it makes ‘tracking’ of tasks, activities, progress, communication, etc., easier.

Let us look at four ways how an ATS simplifies and makes it easier to track and achieve the otherwise cumbersome HR activities.

  1. Helps in Tracking Communication

    You can send mails and online messages to your team and other employees. You can track this communication and store them securely on the computer system or the cloud. ATS also allows you to share the conversation with other colleagues and save the communication history in the candidate’s profile. You can track old communications and even find a specific section of information through the chain of mails quite easily.

  2. Selects Email templates

    Imagine trying to draft a mail every single time you need to send it out. Additionally, you would have to change the mail’s content based on whom you are sending the mail to. It may get quite tedious and not everyone would be comfortable drafting different kinds of mails. ATS offers numerous email templates for different purposes such as templates for interview invitations, hiring letters, rejection letters, etc. These templates can be customized by filling out the variables in the template such as adding the candidate’s name, the sender’s name, title of the position, date, etc. You can even create and add your own template.

  3. Sends Bulk Emails

    Consider this situation. You have interviewed a lot of people in the past few weeks and now you have taken the decision on whom to hire and reject. You convey the results to all the candidates through mail. There were times when you had to type out each mail individually and send it, but the cloud based recruitment software allows you to send bulk emails. Just select multiple candidates whom you want to send the mail at once. You can use the templates to speed up the process.

  4. Automates Job Postings

    ATS can help you keep a track of vacancies and hirings. As soon as there is an available position, it can automatically post the details of the job online. It saves the staff’s time from constantly checking and updating the job postings. Since this aspect is automated, there is no need to track vacancies or even worry about posting the job late or missing out some vacancy.

Jobsoid offers you the ability to track your employees and the progress of potential candidates through the hiring process with ease. Hiring candidates and managing employees is now transparent and quite efficient. If you want to implement an ATS, contact us at Jobsoid and we will offer the best features that will suit your organizational needs.

Kelly Barcelos

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