Convince the Management to use ATS

5 Ways to Persuade Management to Invest in ATS

Kelly Barcelos on November 4, 2016 in Applicant Tracking System

The HR professionals have to persuade their seniors to buy and implement the applicant tracking software. Many professionals are impressed with the system but are unable to buy it because they need to convince their organization to purchase it. Applicant tracking system may be vital to your organization. It will streamline the process of hiring candidates in your organization. Strategic decision-making process will be improved.

You can persuade the decision makers to invest in ATS in the following way:

  1. Find Out what is Most Important to Those Who You are Trying to Convince

    Concentrate on factors like what is their focus, what drives them, what they are trying to accomplish, the way they get recognized, how HR affects their work, how talent affects their work, and what kind of data and vocabulary they use.

    You need to convince both the Director of HR and the CFO (Chief Financial Officer). The CFO will be more concerned about important matters of the company and the HR Director will be more concerned about making the recruitment process automated.

  2. Show what the Benefits of ATS Are

    You then need to find out what processes are used by the recruiting system and how much time is being spent on them. Explain the benefits of using the new system. The amount of time spent on manual tasks can be reduced by making the system automated. There will be automated reporting and monitoring. A database will be created for the future.

    This time which is saved can be utilized for other activities like developing interview guides or new employee training. Internal and external communication will increase. This will increase the mobilization within the organization. You will have direct access to media portals. It will help you to make informed decisions about the hiring process. You will not need to collect paper resumes if the task is done electronically.

  3. Compliance Risk Reduction

    ATS can be automatically configured to store EEO data for reporting. Information is available quickly. Information which is needed can be easily retrieved and you will no longer need to find data manually. Applications and resumes are stored electronically so you will stay organized and compliant.

  4. Find Out Opportunities for Improvement in the Current Hiring Procedure

    ATS offers reports which provide information about the recruiting process. You will gain information about which positions are to be filled, which department has the longest processing time, which job boards perform the best and much more. This will highlight the areas where improvement is required the most.

  5.  Find the Solutions from ATS which will Reduce your Organization’s Financial Risk

    One of the greatest factors is the price of the system. The financial risk must be low, so that you can convince others to buy the system. Look for solutions which provide a free trial. You will need to bring to light, any system which is causing a loss of revenue with the current system.

    As no investment is required in hardware or software, the cloud based systems are attractive. A browser and internet connection is required. Pricing can be based on the number of job openings in the company. ATS significantly reduces the cost per hired candidate. This will aid in developing a budget policy.

If you follow these steps you can convince your organization or business about the benefits of using the applicant tracking system. ATS will help you reduce costs, increase productivity, save time and find the right candidates. Always highlight the benefits of the system and remember that the decision makers must feel the need to implement the new system.

You must focus on their needs. You must feel confident with your choice and you can definitely convince your organization to invest in the recruitment system automated as it a crucial management strategy to reduce costs per hired candidate.

Kelly Barcelos

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