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5 Reasons Why You Should Run Pre-employment Background Checks

Anjali Saini on July 3, 2024 in Recruitment Process

Hiring the right candidate involves much more than evaluating candidates based on their skill set. You must ensure that the candidates will fit in your team. This is where the pre-employment background checks come into the picture. 82% of companies use some form of pre-employment test.

It is because these checks dig deeper into a candidate’s history. They confirm candidates’ qualifications and spot any legal records. Through this, companies can make sure the hired candidates are reliable.

So, let’s explore the things involved in pre-employment checks and their benefits.

What are pre-employment background checks?

In simpler terms, the pre-employment check is a candidate’s background check. More than resumes, it helps employers to know more about the candidates. Unfortunately, not every candidate can be real and trustworthy. Many candidates put false information in their resumes.

A report says that 34% of application forms contain lies about education, experience, and other things. So, companies do background checks to confirm candidates are telling the truth. It protects your company’s assets and makes current employees feel safe. In addition, it can streamline your hiring process.

5 benefits of conducting pre-employment background screening

Do companies really do background checks? If so, what advantages do they have? These are the most common questions. Let’s read to know:

  1. Helps Maintain Quality

    Employers should adhere to specific standards to keep the workplace safe. That is why most companies check before hiring to maintain safety and quality. It reduces potential liability and offers clarity to hiring decisions. If you run an employment background check, dishonest applicants will never apply to your company.

  2. Improves Security and Safety

    Many businesses do a work history background check. Doing so ensures the safety and security of their companies. Through this, employers can identify the risks of hiring the wrong candidates. It also helps prevent incidents like harassment and violence. Moreover, background checks create a safer working environment.

  3. Ensures Low Employer Turnover

    The pre-employment background check is important for reducing employer turnover. Otherwise, it can hamper the company’s productivity and resources. That is why 95% of companies do the pre-employment check. Companies can save money with candidates with verified backgrounds.

  4. Improves Regulatory Compliance

    Today’s compliance with federal and state laws is non-negotiable. So, pre-employment credit checks help employers meet regulatory standards. Through this, companies can show their commitment to ethical hiring practices. It will only attract true and reliable candidates.

  5. Eliminates Negligent Hiring Risks

    Negligent hiring can offer bad consequences to the companies, including a damaged reputation. But, a pre-employment screening process tackles this situation well. With this, employers can identify any discrepancies beforehand. They can know if some candidates are unfit for the job.

What does a pre-employment background check consist of?

Now, you have understood the advantages of a pre-employment background check. But what does the process entail? Let’s know that!

  1. Get Candidate’s Consent

    The candidate provides written consent authorizing the employer to conduct the background check. This is usually done during the job application process. Then, companies collect necessary information from the candidate, such as their full name, addresses, etc.

  2. Researching State and Federal Laws

    Companies must research the federal and state laws that govern pre-employment checks. This will ensure compliance with regulations like EEOC and FCRA guidelines.

  3. Conduct Investigation

    After the candidates provide their consent, companies must investigate further. They must thoroughly check their qualifications and history. Then, the companies must come up with detailed reports.

  4. Consistent Screening

    Screening is a crucial step in pre-employment background checks. Apply consistent screening criteria to every candidate. This will help companies avoid discrimination and ensure fairness.

  5. Review the Report

    Companies must review the report and cross-reference the information. This will confirm the report’s accuracy and streamline hiring decisions.

Wrapping Up

Pre-employment background checks are crucial for a company’s success. Remember, the past activities of candidates always predict their future behavior. So, with the background check, you can build a safer environment.

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