5 Ways Startup Recruiters Can Reduce Their Recruitment Stress

5 Ways Startup Recruiters Can Reduce Their Recruitment Stress

Kelly Barcelos on May 24, 2018 in Recruitment Strategy

Recruiting is a highly stressful job that requires you to work tirelessly – posting jobs on multiple platforms, sorting resumes, shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews, sending emails, conducting interviews, assessing candidates and bringing the best ones onboard.

Phew! Striking a balance between these competing priorities and multitasking to strike off a loaded to-do list, often takes a toll on the mental and physical wellness of busy recruiters. This is why recruiters need to practice mindfulness for improved talent management efficiency and reduced stress.

  1. Start Right with Setting Goals

    Set specific, time-bound goals and plan your schedule to achieve those goals. Prioritize recruitment tasks leaving some room for adjustment. Follow the plan, stay focused, track your progress and make modifications wherever necessary. To make your life easy, break down bigger, complex recruitment strategies into small, manageable tasks.

  2. Keep Constant Tabs on Your Work

    Actively manage your daily hiring processes and create some time every day to review and reflect. To know what is happening within your organization you would need to monitor KPIs while keeping in constant touch with key stakeholders.

    Since recruitment is a very competitive sector, lack of collaboration can create a silo effect. So, while you are busy managing your relationships let the recruiting software do the legwork of gathering, measuring, and analyzing KPI information that is crucial to your organization’s hiring success.

  3. Automate Repetitive, Manual Tasks

    Manage your time more effectively by automating all your repetitive, manual tasks that otherwise suck up your energy and a big chunk of your productive time. Recruiting software is designed to track your applicants at each stage throughout your sourcing cycle, allowing you to communicate more effectively with candidates, enabling you to identify the most lucrative advertising sources, and constantly keeping you on top of your entire recruitment process with real-time reports.

    So, make the most of feature-rich recruitment software to save your time and sanity and stay focused on things that actually need your effort and attention.

  4. Always Leave Some Room for Unexpected Events

    No matter how organized you are, there will be times when you need to reschedule your HR processes so, be prepared to adapt accordingly when super busy days happen. Know the tasks that are within your control and stay focused on them.

    With recruiting software in place, you will always have the choice of automating and accelerating your hiring process. So, in case you need to change your plan at the last minute, you won’t have to worry about staying back or putting in extra hours!

  5. Leverage Your Professional Network to Fill Up Spots Faster

    Strategize to use your professional networking sites for building your talent pool. Being a successful recruiter is all about finding the right fit for a job at the right time but then again, for every right fit that you find, there are a dozen other employers competing with you.

    So, save the hours that you lose to manual job postings, sorting resumes and eliminating irrelevant profiles on social platforms with social media integrated ATS and spend more time on social media influencing potential candidates to apply. Use the analytics tool of your recruiting software to know which sources have maximum conversions and concentrate only on them.

Use Jobsoid’s recruiting software to take all the stress out of your recruitment process. Get started with a free trial today and bring down your recruitment burden dramatically.

Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.