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How to add a personal touch to your employer brand

Kelly Barcelos on January 9, 2020 in Employer Brand

We all are well aware of how powerful the concept of employer branding has become today. In addition to building your talent brand online and delivering a great candidate experience, several factors contribute significantly to strengthening your employer brand. Entrepreneurs have started to recognize the importance of their current employees in maintaining their employer brand. Adding a personal touch to your employer brand, thus, becomes the need of the hour.

Recruiting and grooming the best workforce is undoubtedly crucial for ambitious brands that are hungry for success. Your existing employees play a major role in portraying your company as an employer of choice. And, employer branding plays a significant role here.

Employer Branding Is The Need Of The Hour

Finding the best talent is one of the prime difficulty companies worldwide are facing today. According to Harvard Business Review, nearly three-quarters of CEOs are concerned about the availability of key skills in their talent pool. Also, around 36 percent of businesses are experiencing a workforce shortage.

In addition to maintaining your reputation for clients, you are also obliged to manage your reputation as an employer. This ‘employer repute’ is generally referred to as employer branding. It has become extremely vital for companies to have a strong talent brand. Without one, they will be struggling hard to keep up in the progressive and highly competitive talent marketplace.

Having a powerful and robust talent brand strategy can significantly help you take over the talent market. It is always the best time to start paying attention to what you have got and what efforts you need to make to solidify your employer brand.

What Makes Employer Branding Crucial?

First and foremost, employer branding helps you appeal to your prospective applicants. It intends to drive them to consider your company when they make a job change.

How your existing employees feel and share about your company matters a lot. Your career site also contributes greatly to your employer brand. Everything that a candidate has ever heard of, witnessed, or read about the company will be useful in deciding whether they should be working with your company or not.

Hence, every HR department must put in their efforts, decide upon their employer branding goals, and plan out their employer branding strategies.

The Right Employer Branding Solutions Can Do Wonders!

A reliable and robust employer branding strategy is crucial. It helps your company stand out from your competitors while attracting the top talent. Researches also state that companies who implement the right employer branding solutions have been able to cut down their cost-per-hire by 50%. It is also found that such companies attract more than three times as many applicants per job role.

Your Employer Value Proposition helps form the bedrock for employer branding.

Employer Value Proposition helps you –

  • Outline your organization’s culture and core values
  • Talks about the perks that you offer to your employees
  • Focuses on what drives and motivates your employees

Considerable research and planning are mandatory in this regard. What makes your talent brand different from the others is how you portray it. Adding a personal touch to your employer brand is just what you need to stand out.

In present times, job seekers can easily interact with your company in several different ways. It could be through job boards, via social media like Facebook or LinkedIn Talent, or your website career pages. They can also read about your company on employer review websites and other mediums.

These interactions provide you an exclusive opportunity to engage with your prospective candidates. It also helps you make a lasting impression on their minds. You can ensure that your employer brand is sending the right message across the talent pool.

How to Add a Personal Touch to your Employer Brand

Share your Brand Story

Every company has its story to tell. Leverage your website to narrate your story to your prospective candidates. You can talk about what made you start with your company, how it grew over the years, what challenges you faced, and how you overcame those challenges. Sharing your brand story will help your candidates to know your company better.

You can also speak about your company culture, the work environment, and career growth opportunities you offer. Create a story that would spark their interests and make them feel your company is a great place to work. You should motivate them to join your company.

Automate your recruitment process

Companies nowadays are employing recruitment software like Jobsoid to automate and streamline their hiring efforts. You can sign up for a free account and start automating your recruitment process with Jobsoid. Write engaging job descriptions, design easy-to-apply forms, create a hiring workflow, write personalized emails and text messages, configure the system to send out automated recruitment updates, and lot more.

Keep your candidates updated about their recruitment status and, thus, engaged in your recruitment process. It will help you deliver a personalized candidate experience. In addition to this, it will also speed up your recruitment operations and boost its efficiency.

Leverage the power of your employee’s social networks

You should make your existing employees as your brand ambassadors and let them speak about your brand.

Ask your employees to write reviews about your company on employer review websites like Glassdoor. You can also showcase these reviews on your website in textual or video format.

In addition to this, you can ask your team to write blogs about their experience working with you or how your company helped them hone their skills. Sit together with your management team and devise an employee referral program. They can share your job postings in their connections and help you in making a great hire.

The ultimate objective of having a compelling and strong employer brand is to recruit better and skilled talent for your company. You need to follow some employer branding strategies to get your employer branding efforts in the right place.

Jobsoid can help you build your employer brand in many ways. Sign up for a free account of Jobsoid which is currently being used by thousands of companies for planning their employer branding activities.

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