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Top 5 Innovative Ways to build a Solid Employer Brand

Kelly Barcelos on December 30, 2019 in Employer Brand

Recruiters and hiring managers from all over the world are well aware of the fact that the job market is getting more complex with every passing day. Finding the best talent for your roles is getting more challenging than ever.

Whether you are trying to hire for an entry-level position or for a senior managerial role, you ought to put in efforts to attract the desired talent. One of the easiest and the quickest way to do that is build a solid employer brand. Researchers have proven that companies with strong employer brands can attract at least 3.5 times more applicants for their open vacancies. Hence, employer branding has become a must for all companies who intend to attract and retain the best talent.

How would you define Employer Branding?

Your employer brand is the face of your organization. It is what your prospective candidates, as well as your existing employees, believe to be true of you being an employer. It underpins the outcome of your talent acquisition plan.

The job seekers would probably look out at various companies when they are sending in their applications. They would compare your company with others before making a decision. So, the competition for getting that talented candidate begins right from the job application process.

What Makes A Powerful and Solid Employer Brand?

You must ask this question to yourself – ‘What makes my recruiting process successful and attractive? What is it that the candidates would be looking for while applying for the job? How do I attract the best talent to my organization?’

The best answer here would be being unique in your own ways. You should be true to your organization’s morale. Rather than copying the employer branding strategies that others follow, you must come up with some innovative and creative ideas to boost your employer brand. You must define your employee value proposition and thus, your employer branding goals.

What are some of the best ways to build a solid employer brand?

Here are some of the top innovative ways that you can implement to build a solid employer brand.

1. Making a Great First Impression

What makes your company different from others? Do you offer flexible work timings, compensatory time-off, and opportunities for career growth? Why should your candidates choose you over others?

You must try answering these questions for yourself. It will help you define the message that you want to share with your candidates.

You can leverage your company website and your social media networks to pass on this message to your potential candidates. You should start by revamping your website careers page to suit your brand. Be active on social channels and share glimpses of your work environment and company culture.

You can coordinate with your marketing team and come up with a robust strategy that would help in building your employer brand. In short, make your brand exclusive and give your candidates a visual tour of what it is to work in your company.

2. Delivering an Outstanding Candidate Experience

How is your job application process? Is your application process long, or is it time-consuming? Are you sending out their recruitment status updates on a timely basis?

Candidate experience is about making your prospective candidates, as well as your employees, feel comfortable and valued at your organization. Delivering an excellent candidate experience is an easy task. You need to put yourself in your candidates’ shoes to understand their pain points and then devise a plan.

Job application forms might seem insignificant to you. But it holds great value for candidates. No candidate would love answering questions that are irrelevant to him. Similarly, candidates would like to know the status of their application at regular intervals.

Taking out some time to streamline your hiring process will not just help you in delivering a fantastic candidate experience but also help you in establishing yourself as an employer of choice.

3. Adding a Personal Touch to your Talent Brand

How do your current employees feel about working for you? What do they have to say about your company, the work environment, and the growth opportunities you offer?

Employer branding is not only essential to attract potential candidates to your company. It is also required to nurture your existing workforce and develop a healthy company culture. Portray your current employees as your brand ambassadors.

Let your employees speak about your company and how it is to work for you. Share their testimonials on your website as images or videos. You could also ask them to write their experience in a blog. In this way, your prospective candidates will be in a much better position to relate to your existing people at your company.

4. Contributing to Employee Happiness

Are your current employees happy working for you? What efforts do you put in for your employees’ happiness?

The greatest asset any company can have is its employees. Employee happiness and satisfaction is one of the essential elements of building a strong employer brand. It indeed contributes to employee engagement and in building a positive culture.

A healthy work culture, a competitive salary, opportunities for career growth are some of the many things that an employer offers to his employees. The question here is how your company is different from the rest. You can work in coordination with your Employee Happiness Team to chalk out a strategy to promote employee happiness.
Devise an employee referral program and reward them with handsome awards on each successful referral. Form some employee-friendly policies which will motivate them to perform better and deliver their best.

5. Hiring Top Talent using Recruitment Software

How would you describe your recruitment process – traditional or modern? How much time does your team spend on closing a job by hiring the best fit candidate?

Recruitment software like Jobsoid speeds up your tedious recruitment processes and helps you improve your employer branding status with advanced tools and features. You can post your jobs on multiple job boards in just one click and manage all the candidate applications you receive in a centralized talent pool.

In addition to this, you can schedule interviews using the smart interview scheduler. Recruitment software also takes care of your candidate sourcing, recruitment marketing, and candidate nurturing needs. You can sign up for a Free Jobsoid account and streamline your recruitment process.

Building a strong employer brand online is easier than you think. All you need here is to define your employer branding goals, devise an employer branding strategy, and get started with the same. Remember! You need a lot of patience and motivation to see your employer branding efforts take off!

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