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Best Social Media Recruitment Sites

Poonam Jamuni on December 9, 2020 in Recruitment Strategy

Recruiting qualified talent is a vital task these days with the increasing demand for skilled candidates. Hence, networking is what you need to do if you want to attract the best applicants.

Social media platforms play a significant role in recruitment. Using these social networking sites, you can build a strong employer brand showcasing your company culture as well as the work environment. Lately, social platforms have emerged in benefitting recruiters as well as job seekers. There are millions of people connected to each other via social media making it a huge professional network.

The Human Resources team as well as hiring agencies can use these social media platforms for the job posting. You can not only attract active candidates but also engage passive candidates in your recruitment process via these platforms. This will ultimately speed up and simplify your recruiting process in a much faster and easier way.

It is also reported that most recruiters turn up to social networking sites to attract talent for job openings. Considering this, social media networking sites will help you to attract, source, and hire the best potential candidates.

Now that you know how essential social networking sites are, we will help you understand how you can leverage these platforms with some social media recruiting tips and strategies. We are sure these pointers will help you to build a strong online presence as well as recruit the best candidates using these job sites.

Modernized Social Media Recruiting Strategies

  • Promote your employer brand on social media platforms
  • Enhance your recruiting marketing efforts.
  • Post creative and engaging content to depict your company culture

Now, let us commence with the best social media recruitment sites to find the best-fit candidates. This guide will assist you in identifying which site is best for recruitment. It will also assist you in hiring candidates from a wider talent pool.

To simplify your social media recruitment procedures, you can employ a recruitment software like Jobsoid – a cloud-based Applicant Tracking System. Jobsoid is integrated with major social media networking platforms. Jobsoid will assist you in the job posting on social media networks in just a few clicks. Using Jobsoid you can step up your hiring game and recruit the fittest by taking advantage of these social media recruiting tools.

Here is the comprehensive list of the best social media recruitment sites.

  1. Facebook

    Facebook is one of the largest networks of people connected with one another. You will find people aged between 16 – 65 years connected to each other on Facebook making it a densely populated social media platform.

    However, Facebook is a personal network that helps the recruiter to find suitable candidates faster. Here, you can find both active and passive candidates for your job roles. Thus, helping you to fill in your open vacancies faster. Using your company’s Facebook page, you can post your job on Facebook by defining all the job requirements according to your needs.

    Ensure that your job advertisement is clear and concise. It should help the potential applicant to get a clear idea about the job position they are applying for. Facebook is one of the best social media platforms that are a boon for the Human Resources Department.

  2. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a professional network that has always been popular in the corporate world. It is one of the best platforms for recruiting candidates.

    Every candidates’ profile on LinkedIn acts as his/her resume. It comprises of all the details such as educational qualifications, location, current as well as past work experience, and a lot more. This helps recruiters in making better hiring decisions.

    Advertising your job posting on LinkedIn will attract both active as well as passive candidates who are searching for jobs. All you need to do is create your company’s official page on LinkedIn and build a strong employer brand of your organization. It is reported that 89% of talent from LinkedIn can be reached by the recruiter to make them accept a job offer quicker.

    You can choose your desired candidate by sourcing the most qualified talent from this professional platform. In addition to this, you can use filters such as location, past experience, current position, and various other factors.

    LinkedIn also helps you deliver a great candidate experience. You can add a personalized note while sending connection requests to the potential candidates. Ensure that your message is creative enough to attract and engage the job seekers. Since people visit LinkedIn on a daily basis to find job opportunities, you will definitely find the most qualified candidate for your roles on this professional network.

    Posting your job on LinkedIn is also very simple and effortless.
    To know more, visit: How to post a job on LinkedIn

  3. Twitter

    Twitter is a social networking platform where you can share your thoughts and share them within your network. This microblogging platform is used to discover new people and broadcast small messages all over the world. It is a combination of personal and professional networks. Twitter can help you to promote your jobs and reach a larger audience. Thus, making it a useful social media recruitment tool for the recruiters and hiring managers.

    You can search for the prospective candidates and visit their profile to know their personality and how well they can fit in your organization. You can also perform basic background checks using Twitter.

    Like other social media platforms, you can find active as well as passive candidates without any hassles on Twitter.

    Posting jobs on Twitter is cheaper than most other social media platforms. Twitter allows you to advertise your job openings for free. Using an Applicant Tracking System, you can share your job posting on Twitter in just a few steps. All you need to do is connect your Twitter account with your recruitment software and you are good to go!

  4. Instagram

    Instagram is a platform where people exchange artistic photos and videos with each other. This visual sharing social media network is generally used to find creative and young candidates for your job openings.

    Sharing your job post on your company’s Instagram profile is very easy. All you require is Recruitment software like Jobsoid. You can then create a job and share your custom job advertising link on Instagram via a post or a story.

    In addition to this, you can also boost your job-related posts on Instagram so that it reaches out to the maximum number of potential candidates.

These are the best social media recruitment sites you can opt for to find the most talented candidates for your job vacancies.

You should develop a master plan with all the requirements needed for the job position. You should make your job advertisement as interesting and engaging as possible. By doing this, the chances of finding the right candidate are higher. Your job advertisement will be shown on top of the job searches if it is relevant and attractive.

Depending upon your business niches, you can select the best social media platform to recruit top talent. You can also monitor the performance of your job on various social platforms to find out which gives you the best results. You can also sponsor your job advertisements on these platforms for better visibility and higher reach.

Jobsoid allows you to share your job opening directly to your social media account with our easy to use sharing tools. This will assist you to drive more traffic to your job posting. It also encourages your company followers to share your job opening with their friends.

Jobsoid is all you need to recruit talented candidates. You can post a job on Jobsoid and share your job openings on these well-known social media platforms in just a few clicks.

Sign up for a free account right away and explore how Jobsoid can help you with social media recruiting. Hiring is now effortless with Jobsoid.

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