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Here are 4 ways an ATS ensures that your new hires bloom after being planted and take advantage of the opportunities presented to them!
Kelly Barcelos on June 30, 2017
The biggest challenge facing all start-ups and small businesses is securing great hires who can take the business to the next level. Learn how ATS helps SMBs with hiring.
Kelly Barcelos on May 23, 2017
While each ERP system offers unique features, there are some basic ones to consider. Here are the 7 main applicant tracking features found in ERPs today.
Kelly Barcelos on May 12, 2017
Jobsoid presents 6 ways to accelerate your time to hire, reduce recruiting costs, enhance the candidate experience and bring the best onboard using an ATS.
Kelly Barcelos on May 5, 2017
An applicant tracking system offers undeniable benefits to busy recruiters. Read Jobsoid's blog on six reasons why you too should invest in HR technology.
Kelly Barcelos on April 7, 2017
Recruiting software help you in streamlining your hiring processes. Read this blog to know why they are a cost-effective solution for staffing agencies.
Kelly Barcelos on March 10, 2017