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How to Build Your Employer Brand on Facebook?

Kelly Barcelos on May 15, 2020 in Employer Brand

Facebook is currently being used by over 2.41 billion people around the world on a monthly basis. Facebook has become one of the most used and most preferred social networking platforms in recent times. Though Facebook was introduced as a social networking platform, it has turned out to be a great marketing platform over time. Many companies from around the world are using Facebook to hire the best qualified candidates for their job roles.

In addition to recruitment and hiring, Facebook is also slowly becoming one of the most preferred channels for employer branding and recruitment marketing today. You can promote your employer brand on Facebook by building an effective employer branding strategy. Share the job opportunities, company culture, as well as the perks and benefits your company offers to the employees and attract top talent for your jobs.

Employer Branding on Facebook

Having a user base spread across all the corners of the world, Facebook is an amazing platform for companies to showcase their talent brand. You can share your job openings directly on your Facebook page and deliver an amazing candidate experience to your potential hires.

Your company’s Facebook page can indeed act like a career site or career page for your followers and potential candidates on Facebook social networking platform.

You can share image galleries of your team or your recent events with your followers. As Facebook supports video content , you can leverage your company Facebook page to publish videos, or conduct some live streaming events. You can also create Facebook groups and promote your work culture and talent brand among the job seekers.

How to build your Employer Brand on Facebook?

You should leverage your Company’s Facebook page to promote and strengthen your employer brand. Here are some employer branding ideas that you can use to build your talent brand.

  • You can share the pictures as well as videos of your offices, company events or outings.
  • Employee experience plays a major role in determining whether your prospective candidates would like to join your company or not. You can share your employee testimonials on your company’s Facebook page. These testimonials can be in any format – textual or video. You can also ask your team to leave a review on your Facebook page if possible.
  • Sharing your employee’s journey on your page is also very effective in attracting top candidates to your company.
  • Write engaging job descriptions. You can also share amazing introductory video regarding the job role and innovate your hiring process.
  • Organize and promote the events, workshops you conduct for the development and betterment of your team.
  • Promoting the social work that your company does or the initiatives your company undertakes to bring about a change in the society we live in on Facebook can also strengthen your employer brand. You can partner up with some Non-profit organizations.
  • Share your company story in the form of blogs. You can adapt to storytelling methods to speak about how your team grew or your products and services.
  • You can also talk about the growth opportunities that you offer for your team. It could be certifications for professional growth or some workshops for the betterment of personal lives.
  • Allow your employees to take over your Facebook page for a day and let your prospective candidates see your company through the eyes of your employees.


To sum up, there are numerous ways in which you can promote your employer branding on Facebook. You should remember that building your employer brand on Facebook is an ongoing process. You should revamp your branding strategies on a timely basis to find out what works the best for you.

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