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5 Best Employer Branding Campaigns You Ought to Follow

Ashley Halsey on January 4, 2020 in Employer Brand

There is such a huge competition for the best talent in today’s marketplace. Companies all over the world are doing all they can to promote themselves as great employers through employer branding campaigns.

Today are the times where top talents and job seekers are choosing where to work based on the company’s employer brand. You can definitely compare it with the focus and attention as that of customers while they look at consumer brands when making a purchase.

Your employer brand content speaks about your company on the whole. Firstly, it speaks about your company culture, the work environment you offer and a lot more. It helps you attract prospective candidates to your talent brand.

Employer branding also helps you in speeding up your recruitment process. These are some of the reasons why your employer brand matters.

Your recruiting team needs to take out some time to define your employer brand strategy in the short and long term. You need to define your employee value proposition and thus, your employer branding goals. In addition to this, you should work on your career pages and establish your presence on social media platforms.

Attracting your potential candidates to your company requires thorough planning and execution of branding strategies.

To help you, we’ve put together a list of five companies that have excellent employer branding campaigns.

#1. Heineken

Heineken’s recent recruitment advertisement has taken its employer branding efforts to the next level. Although it took them over a year and a half for its creation, the amount of success and recognition it made in the recruitment industry is remarkable.

Heineken’s employer branding campaign was rightly called ‘Go Places’. The campaign was well appreciated on all social platforms. It was the video that was the centerpiece of this campaign. The job seekers were to answer a number of questions in three to five seconds without thinking about the responses in advance.

This campaign was purely based on the Enneagram model to measure the personality of the potential hires. And, the results gave a personal profile to the candidates. This profile was in turn used at the time of job application in Heineken.

This employer branding campaign is designed to grab attention in the best possible ways. But in addition to this, it also serves as a manifesto for employees that get hired.

Heineken’s goal is to show that their brand is all about the strong personalities and ambitions of people that work at the company. Further, this video also has different versions with different localizations showcasing various beer and food.

You can draw inspiration from employer branding videos like this if you’re planning on making a branding video for your company.

#2. Foundation Medicine

If you have lesser resources and a small budget for employer branding, you should look at Foundation Medicine’s employer branding campaigns. It is an inspiring option to model your own branding campaign.

Foundation Medicine leverages the power of its employees for their employer branding efforts. The campaign focuses on portraying different employee stories on their website as well as social media channels.

Every company would speak well about their company culture, work environment and the perks they offer. So, it is how your existing employees perceive your company that matters to prospective candidates. Therefore, employee engagement is one of the driving factors which affects your employer branding positively.

Foundation Medicine built an effective campaign around the #uniquelyFMI hashtag. This campaign received a humungous response on their Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as other social channels. It showed that their current employees are passionate about their work at Foundation Medicine. It also showcased their devotion to their work treating cancer patients.

To sum up, this branding campaign is a social media engagement campaign focusing on using the relevant hashtags. It pushes for clever and meaningful instead of funny captions while making existing employees as brand ambassadors.

#3. General Electric

General Electric or GE is a company that has been around much longer than most. It is one of the original 12 companies to be listed on Dow Jones since its inception in 1896.

A traditional company, we believe, would never be the one creating witty and funny commercials about their employer brand. But, General Electric proved that no matter how old a company is, employer branding can be done by all. Employer branding efforts of General Electric are worth all the praise.

General Electric showcases itself as a digital company and wants to attract that kind of talent. The campaign shares a message that GE applicants should be driven by passion and thirst for creating the best. GE values their company mission and believes that its applicants should feel the same about their brand.

#4. Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams is the second beer company on this list. The hiring team of Samuel Adams is doing extremely well. Their employer branding campaign is very authentic and highlights the benefits of their workplace culture.

It speaks about their existing employees showing their passion for the product they’re creating. They want their product to connect with real people in the country. The employees at Samuel Adams feel that work is more like working with your best friends every day, like a casual Friday. Above all, Samuel Adams believes in the perfect work-life balance.

#5. Google

Google is one of the companies with the strongest employer brand in the world. It has been hiring top talent over the years, getting over 3 million high-quality applicants every single year. Out of these millions of applicants, the Google team hires only 7000 deserving candidates.

Google is like a safe haven for candidates. Work-life balance, parental leaves, paid vacations – Google offers much more to its employees. Unfortunately, we cannot replicate their branding campaign since it heavily relies on Hollywood. For example, the film ‘The Internship’ shows a lot of real Google employees and shows workplace culture and perks.

When it comes to building an employer brand, it is a step-by-step process. You need to market and advertise your company to reach out to the desired talent. It is always good to plan and execute some branding campaign. By following these suggestions from these best five employer branding campaigns, you’ll be well on your way to doing your own successful campaign.

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