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5 Reasons Why Employer Branding Matters

Kelly Barcelos on December 20, 2019 in Employer Brand

It is rightly observed that business trends all over the world are taking new turns and twists to reach the peaks of productivity and profitability. Whether it is recruitment procedures or sales targets, every department of the organization needs to keep up with these rapidly-changing trends. But, most of the ace players are the ones who implement the required changes, and others fail to do so.

The recruitment industry has become a part of this rat race too. The rising competition for top talent has made it more difficult for the recruitment teams to hunt for the desired talent around. In these modern times, how can an HR Professional or a Recruiter keep himself on the top of the game for a long term basis? Several factors govern this scenario.

Employer branding is one such modern concept that has become the need of the hour. It also plays a significant role in helping companies to remain competitive and influential in the business world. Hiring teams need to understand the importance of employer branding in recruitment as well as in maintaining the company’s reputation.

What is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is the capability of the organization to prove its worth to its candidates. It is a strategy to attract top talent in the organization and retain them.

Employer branding plays a significant contribution in maintaining the value the employers give to their employees. It also helps in attracting and retaining potential candidates to your company. It is essential to make them stay and grow for the benefit of the team and the company.

Employer Branding - Definition

A company, no matter what, certainly works to maintain and uphold an image and reputation in the market for the products and services they offer. In addition to this, they should also hold the responsibility of building a strong employer brand. It is also necessary to maintain their image as a commendable employer. And this is precisely where the concept of employer branding plays a significant role.

Before getting further with employer branding and why it matters, ask this question to yourself –

“Is your Employer Brand effective?”
“Are you putting in the right efforts to establish your employer brand?”

You need to be sure that you are following the right methods.

To measure the effectiveness of your employer brand, you should have an appropriate employer branding goal that you wish to achieve. Without one, you cannot be sure whether your strategy is working well or not. Your HR team can work with the marketing team to devise employer brand goals. They can together chalk out a plan that can be implemented to achieve those goals.

Many professional employer ranking websites can give you a better understanding of your position in the market as an employer. You can also have insights into your brand with your employee reviews.

Another great way to measure the effectiveness of your employer brand is by monitoring your social media mentions. Social media provides you a way to observe what opinions of your employees and others hold for your organization. Once you note where your company stands, you can work on employer branding goals better and more clearly.

What is the importance of having a strong employer brand?

The importance of strong employer branding is an extensive affair. Here are five reasons for the importance of employer branding and why you should implement an effective employer branding strategy in your company right away.

#1. Employer Branding Builds your Brand Identity

In today’s tech-savvy world, establishing and maintaining your presence online has become the need of the hour. Your future employees, as well as your clients, are visiting your website and observing you on your social media accounts. In addition to this, they are checking out what your current employees have to say about your company. Employer review websites like Glassdoor are most often visited during the job application period.

Having a stronger presence online helps you increase your brand awareness, which is, in turn, beneficial for your organization. You can demonstrate your company culture and show your candidates how it is to work for your company. There are many social media tools that can help you to build your brand.

#2. Employer Branding helps in Better Talent Acquisition

The main principle or the idea behind the whole concept of employer brand is to build your talent brand. Secondly, the employer brand helps you attract, engage, and retain the best and talented individuals in your organization.

Nowadays, the recruitment process has become an enormous task which incurs costs and requires a lot of effort from the Human Resource team. Having an effective employer branding strategy not only helps you attract job seekers but also reduces the time required to fill a position.

#3. Employer Branding delivers a great candidate experience

Over recent years, the recruitment process has evolved to be a candidate-centric one. It is the candidates who choose and decide his employer. Job seekers nowadays are not only interested in what the company offers but also on what vision it holds and what environment it provides. So, a strong employer brand name will surely have a significant impact on the candidate’s decision to select his next employer.

#4. Employer Branding ensures lesser employee turnover and better engagement

Another benefit of employer branding is employee engagement and turnover, which is achieved only by hiring the right set of individuals. Your employer brand should reflect your work culture, the work environment, and the opportunities for the growth of your employees. A great source of motivation for your current and potential employees could be a healthy working environment and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

A company that works on improving employer brand has less employee turnover.

“ Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon

#5. Employer Branding ensures financial stability

With the recruitment market growing competitive, finding the right talent, and retaining it has become a costly affair. Advertising your jobs on various job portals, collaborating with recruiters, training the recruits, etc. comes with a cost.

Companies with stronger employer branding do not have to put in a lot of effort into attracting exceptional talent. Their employer brand speaks for the company. This also means employer branding indirectly decreases the amount of time you spend on filling a position and its subsequent costs.

Establishing a great employer brand is not a one-step process anymore. It is a continuous process that requires a lot of effort. It begins with understanding the importance of employer branding and its impact on your recruitment processes. Jobsoid will help you kickstart your employer branding process.

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